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Black Flame "Be Part Of The Imperivm"
After this impressive new release "Imperivm" it was time to get some information about this black metal band with death influences.
Weitere Infos zu Black Flame:
Black Flame Imperivm
Black Flame - Be Part Of The Imperivm

Hi there. Congratulations to your great new album. Please describe the reactions to the CD so far.
Ave. We are getting a lot, a big amount of very good reviews and critics about our album, we knew we made our best to realize a very good work but we could not expect this very good series of compliments and interest.
This is triggering us in our work and giving us fuel for our next steps like live promotion for “Imperivm” and the composition of some new tracks.

Some of our readers may never have heard about you. Please give us a short briefing in the band's biography.
The band started back in late 1998, with the same line-up as today – and many people consider it our real winning point for the stable building of our sound. Then we released two demos around 2001 and 2002 called “Welcome” and “Orgiastic Funeral”. Then, through the german Sombre Records we got the chance to release a 7” vynil and that came out in late 2002. In the first months of 2003 we releases a self produced album called “The Third Revelation”, that represents the true turning point of our musical career : thanks to that demo we signed with Eerie Art Records and released the album “Torment and Glory in the last months of 2004. Without any stop we immediately composed “Conquering Purity”, and we released it in May 2006 through the Norwegian label Worship Him Records. We got now to recent times, when we’ve been signed to Forces Of Satan Records and licensed to Regain Records for the release of the new album “Imperivm”. All our releases have a lot of differences and show a band in constant evolution. Of course we never denied our past, that would be silly. Simply we want to add always new inspirations and flavors to our sound. Basically we started as a pure Black Metal act, but soon and since the release of “The Third Revelation” in 2003 we started to accumulate all our personalities and influences in music.

What is your favorite song of "Imperivm"?
Well… it is very hard to say, since all the songs have their own particularities and their special touch. I would say “Black Svn Theory” because it represents all the “faces” of our sound and our way to express this extreme art.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
We have our personal way to write music, and after all this years together I can say that we get inspirations by our works. I mean, we have this vision in our mind that is about how a Black Flame song must sound to be placed in an album. For doing this we listen to our old records and old stuff, trying to understand what we have to develop in a better or different way. This might sounds weird to you, maybe other Bands look at other Bands when it comes to inspirations. We just do not want to be influenced musically by something external to us.
About the lyrics, our inspirations are about the ancient pre-christian Roman cults and their connection to Occult. It is like having a journey in ancient and sinister rituals…

Please tell something about the recording process of the album, are there any stories to report about it?
Everything went ok without any particular problem, only that we were forced to stop the recording due to some personal problems. We were a bit worried about that this would brought not a good mood in the album, we do not like to spent a lot of time in the studio. When we feel ready, we just want to go there and do everything quickly, by following “the heat of the moment”.
Anyway we found out that this stop and negative surroundings around our band has brought a very useful incipit to the album, specially in its most dramatic and introspective parts.

How would you describe your own music?
Our music stands between Black and Death Metal. We have the destructive structures and arrangements typical of Death Metal, combined with a dark touch of Black Metal –mostly when it comes to the lyrics and their purposes. This might sounds not the most original thing on earth, but we have a clear identity and a very personal sound built during years of work…

What are your main musical influences?
We listen to a lot of different kind of music, but what can be mainly heard in our albums is the aura of the extreme bands from the early nineties – a time when labeling a musical genre was just an option and Bands were not aware of. It was just a time when Bands presented darkness through music, without any genre-labeling only with the intention to create pure evil in music. In our music you can have moods ranging from Sarcofago to Arkhon Infaustus, through Gorgoroth and Morbid Angel. But everything is presented with our style and our way to express this music.

What are your favorite CDs at the moment?
I’m not listening to new stuff honestly, I’m just dwelling through old black metal albums…

Is there any band you would love to play with?
Sure, there are a lot of bands but mainly Arkhon Infaustus ( even if we played together once in 2005 ) then Abigor, Carcass and Dismember.

What do you think of metal webzines?
As long as they are professional and serious in spreading the musician’s messages I’m totally on for them.

Describe the metal scene in your country.
I think that the metal scene in Italy, as least the extreme metal scene for being precise, is like everywhere. There are a lot of very good bands, and a good number have a historic place in this kind of music ( Bulldozer, Mortuary Drape, Opera IX ) and a lot of good newer acts which are releasing astonishing albums. You will surely wonder about idiots, we also have a lot of idiots… but I think that people can distinguish them very well at a first –maybe second- look.

Is there something you want to tell your fans in germany?
I would like to thank all the people that gave a chance to our album, and all the people that is constantly writing to us. We’ll play live very soon in your country!

Last but not least. What do you prefer?
I usually do not answer at questions like this, but I’ll please you
- Studio or Stage
- Immortal or Mayhem
- Black or White
- Germany or France

Thanks for your time. Hope to see you soon in Germany!
Ave to you and all the readers of MetalGlory, Serpens Vigil Est !
geführt am 25.09.2008   von Creepybastard
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