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Paganizer "Sweden Is Back!!"
Nach Jahren von langweiligen Kindergartenmelodien, schwülstigen Chören oder Keyboards aus dem Land der Elche, kommt der gute alte old school Schweden Tod zurück! PAGANIZER heben die Fahne des kompromisslosen Death Metals wieder hoch und zelebrieren ohne große Schnörkel Musik von damals, wie sie in der heutigen Zeit klingen muß! Geführt wurde das Interview mit Rogga dem Sänger und Gitarristen von PAGANIZER, CARVE
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Paganizer - Sweden Is Back!!

Hi Rogga, not everybody is known with your band, tell us something about PAGANIZER.
Well we started out about 5 years ago and pretty much released our debut right away. Then the band was put on ice after some so called musical indifferencies. After starting my other band CARVE suddenly a label where interested in releasing another PAGANIZER album so I simply reformed the band with new members since the bandname belonged to me. After that PAGANAIZER has evolved into being my main band again and the line up is quite secure.
Is this your first CD? If not, how many releases did you put out till now.
It´s out 3rd album aside from an split EP and some participatins on compilation cd´s. Since I fucking detest our first album though I would like to think of this album as our second one...haha!
Your sound can be described as old school Swedish Death Metal and it´s fuckin´ raw, pure and straight. I think it´s like you took the heaviest parts from old GRAVE, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED....
Thanx so fucking much! It´s the music I mainly listen to and has always been inspired by. We don´t really try to sound like those bands but I suppose it comes natural if you´re raised with that kind of music. I mean, I would have a very hard time to write really good US influenced death metal since I really don´t listen very much to it. But this kind of oldschool Swedish death metal is basically what we´re born into and it´s the only music we know how to play really. Grave is also a total fave band of mine and that´s maybe why we don´t focus so much on melody as maybe bands like Dismember does.
What´re the lyrics about?
Death. It would be strange to write about anything else when you play death metal I think! Many other bands try to evolve their lyrics and write about maybe science fiction or trolls or shit but I simply think that death metal should deal with death in different forms so that´s what I simply write about.
Can you tell us something about the recording session?
We went to SUNLIGHT Studios to record this time, since we for the first time recieved a proper studio budget. To record in the studio where most my fave albums has been recorded was truly a cool experience. Actually we had to wait a day extra before entering the studio since GRAVE where ther putting down the drums for their new album. Working with Thomas Skogsberg was really easy and we managed to record and mix the entire album in about a week without being streseed or anything, so I would definetly go there again in the future.
Jorgen Sandstrom (GRAVE, Vox) took a part on your CD. What was the reason, how did you handle it?
I got Jorgens phone number from Kenta in PROJECT HATE, and simply gave him a call and asked if he would be interested in doing some guest vox on the recording. He asked me what dates and said everything was cool. I was really excited about having his vocals on our album since he´s my fave vocalist together with Dan Swanö. When he put down the vocals in the studio I was about as happy as agrown man can be without having sex or drinking...haha!
You´re tuned down, how much and do you prefer a special equipment?
We tune down to B, and use 0,58 gauge as thickest E-string on the guitars. Apart from that we don´t use anything special at all. Our amps are varying from time to time but usually we use Laney and Crate (the cheapest models...). When it comes to brutal death metal I think the sound pretty much comes thorugh the playing and not the equipement. My current guitar which I used on the album was bought for 80 Euro by a friends brother some years ago...
Your label FOREVER UNDERGROUND is from the USA. Isn´t it hard to work with a label so far from you? Are you satisfied with the work of the label?
Our first label was based in Malaysia, so you could say we´re used to having labels far away! But you´re completely right about the distance sometimes being an obstacle, as for instance when it comes to live shows. Our label arranges both shows and tours in the US but we don´t get any action since thay can´t afford to fly us over and we can´t afford to pay our own tickets either... a quite shitty situation. As for their work for PAGANIZER I´m satisfied, we got a budget both for the recording and the cover of the album and hopefully they will do some serious promotion for it aswell. So we´ll just have to wait and see what happens, but so far I´m pretty satisfied anyway.
Your page has a good design, how important is internet for you? Did you made the page?
I would say that the Internet is the most important thing today when it comes to promotion and getting contacts. I do 90% of all band related things over the e-mail, like this interview for example! Our lead guitarist did the page, he´s done some work for other people aswell like a local tattoo shop and so. He´s working a completely new website right now and I hope that it´ll be ready before winter.
What´re your favourit bands, music stiles? Could it be the bands I told before?
You where pretty right before, haha! GRAVE, DISMEMBER, (old) HYPOCRISY, GOD MACABRE, CARNAGE, UNLEASHED, EDGE OF SANITY and so on, but other toal fave bands are non Swedish ones like VADER and MASSACRE. As for other music styles I´m ver much into music like DRILLER KILLER, DISFEAR and WOLFPACK. We call it Käng or Crust up here, but I don´t really know what you call it in Germany. I also listen a lot to Roky Erickson and old Creedence albums when I feel the need for some softer tunes.
Are there any side projekts? Can you tell us something about them?
CARVE is a sideproject nowadays, and is pretty much inspired by VADER and such music. Apart from that I also compose music for a band called CATACOMB which is in the vein of really old stuff like AUTOPSY and IMPETIGO with a touch of the Swedish käng/crust music. Hopefully it´ll be released sometime next year, and the 1st and 3rd CARVE demos was recently released on as an album by Brazilian label BHP Productions.
Can you tell us something about CARVE?
As I said the debut is out as of a month or so, and the reviews has only been good so far which is great since it´s actually our demos. For the next album I plan to go more into the extreme music and play stuff that wouldn´t fit PAGANIZER. So I suspect the music will be more intense than the current and contain much more grind and ferocity. If it turns out as I want to it should be like a mix between VADER and EXTEREME NOISE TERROR.
The music is much more US-stile influenced. Are there some faves?
I really worship VADER, who are very US influenced themselves, then I also love the "Covenant" and "Domination" albums by MORBID ANGEL. The first DEICIDE is also a masterpiece but my total fave US album must be "From beyond" by MASSACRE, I got that one quite early and still today I haven´t grewn tired of it. The first SIX FEET UNDER album is almost as good but then they really turned bad and the latest album is really nothing special at all.
3/4 of the members are the same like of PAGANIZER isn´t it hard to make different music for a other band with the same people?
Actually that has changed now. As you say it was quite hard to make time for both bands with the same members so on the next CARVE release it will probably only be me left of the current line-up. As for writing different music I think it would be hard to only put all music in one band! I write maybe 2-4 new songs every week and many riffs are not in the vein of PAGANIZER at all
3/4 of the members are the same like of PAGANIZER isn´t it hard to make different music for a other band with the same people?
Actually that has changed now. As you say it was quite hard to make time for both bands with the same members so on the next CARVE release it will probably only be me left of the current line-up. As for writing different music I think it would be hard to only put all music in one band! I write maybe 2-4 new songs every week and many riffs are not in the vein of PAGANIZER at all so for me it´s essential to have another band to put my ideas into. This is also why I´ve decided to write an entire album for CATACOMB aswell.
The label BLACK HOLE PRODUCTIONS is from Brazil, I think you like labels from far away? How is the work, is there a could cooperation and help of the label?
Haha, yes we certainly seem to attract far away labels! The reason why we work with BHP Productions is that Fernando who runs the label is a friend of mine and I promised him that he could release something by us someday. And when he liked the CARVE material I thought that why not make it into an album and so we did. So far the cooperation has worked out great, and he will probably relase atleast one more recording with us.
There´re some bands you´re involved I think you´ve to invest a lot of time for them do you´ve a profession and enough time for sleep?
I have no work at the time so time is really not a problem for me! I used to work at a local factory packaging cheese (as many of the other band members) but that work was deleted so now I spend most time writing music and drinking alcohol! Just as life was meant to be, haha!
Ok, thanks for the answers and the last words are yours!
Thanx for the interview and remeber; ONLY DEATH IS REAL!

geführt am 08.10.2002   von Chrisinfect
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