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Darkthrone "Hail To The Old School"
"Dark Thrones And Black Flags", das neue DARKTHRONE Album ist nun schon seit zwei Wochen auf dem Markt und die Chance, Fenriz ein paar Fragen zu stellen, konnte ich mir natürlich nicht entgehen lassen.
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Hi Fenriz. First of all: How are you doing?

just back from lifting weights while listening to BOLD and DEAL WITH IT! never been better, never been more healthy, and i am working more with the underground metal worlwide than ever also, even more than in 1987-89!

Before I want to ask you some question about your new studio-album I want to take the chance and ask some about the “Frostland Tapes”- Box. So why do decide to release this box now?

it wasn't my idea, it was someone elses. but i haven't had the demos since ca 90/91, and Land Of Frost...i was so emarrased by it that i got rid of all copies in 89 i think. so i said YES, i want to hear that demo again!!! it was nice for me atleast, to get all the demos and special stuff on cd!

Did there came any feelings for the old times when you are compiled the box?

i didn't compile it, i guess Peaceville and Ted compiled it.
i don't need feelings for the old times, as i LIVE total 80s life all the time and at the same time think ALOT about my first decade, the 70s. the song we are closest to now with our new material is SNOWFALL from 88. and my lifestyle is very close to what it was in the late 80s too. i always think about these times, i seldom think about the 90s, cuz in the 90s thrash died, death metal died, grind core died, doom metal died, black metal died and speed and heavy metal was already dead.

now in the new decade 2000s all these styles are back, also with a new generation of kids just laughing at the 90s. YES! I AM HOME!!!

Just one year after “F.O.A.D.” your new record “Dark Thrones & Black Flags” was ready. So, did you write all tracks for the new record after “F.O.A.D.” or are there any tracks ready before your 13th record was released?

nope, only old thing is the LYRIC to Grizzly Trade, which i found lying around since maybe 2002. it says clearly on the cover when we started the recordings for the album, and after every song it says when it was written and when it was recorded. i do ALOT of work with the booklets now. but in 1996-2005 i was NOT interested in any visual aspect at all. i did the cover ideas before and after those years.

How do you write new tracks? Together with Nocturno or both alone?

after we recorded A BLAZE IN THE NORTHERN SKY in summer 1991 i said to the others: now we make songs on our own. when we present them at rehearsal, no one can complain about anything.

we have done this since then. so it has been 17 years of making songs on our own, not together.
the only exception is RAWNESS OBSOLETE from Sardonic Wrath album. this song is also our first anti-infernofestival audience song. our second anti song like that is on the new record, called WITCH GHETTO.

Since “The Cult Is Alive” you changed your stile to a more old school one. So, why you decided to take DARKTHRONE in this musical direction?

in 2005 we decided to buy our own portable studio. this made me go crazy and i just felt the freedom in my hair and started making songs in a very much older way, for many youngsters this is the almost forgotten style of Speed/Black metal of the early 80s. then, at the same time (without me knowing it), Ted was getting more into his old Judas Priest albums, so suddenly we sound a bit older than before .- but i had been making these kinds of songs ALWAYS in darkthrone - BUT with the portable studio we got a VERY old metal sound without being the result is very old school metal. but we have just begun, i think we move V E E E E E R Y slowly. back throughout the ages of metal.

again we have no plan, we simply follow our hearts - and our hearts are FILLED TO THE BRIM with the love for anything from DR SHRINKER to cool 60s music, HELL YEAH!!

Fenriz, you are a big metal maniac. How much influences do you take from your favourite bands?

not exactly sure if i understand the question, but i would say that personally, i am inspired by almost everything i hear INVOLUNTARILY. and apart from that i guess i am inspired by HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of band from ca 1964 to 1985 (these years mainly now), before that when i did songs in the 90s i was even inspired by bands and styles going up to 1992, including BURZUM, THORNS (demos), VON, MAYHEM live in Leipzig too. but when it comes to mayhem i grew up with their DEATHCRUSH from 87 and it is still a major influence on me. also i liked early IMMORTAL alot, their style was crazy and exciting to me but it did not inspire me cuz i never figured out how to play chaotic like obsessed by cruelty (SODOM, one of my fave black metal albums ever, best black metal vocals!!), VULCANO bloody vengeance, early voivod, SARCOFAGO inri, BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT etc. i love these bands but i always make a more "tight" way of songs than that.

none of these bands influence me now, it is older stuff that inspire me now.

we are going down the road of kings - the path of metal history. just the other day i even found a heavy metal part on a FEVER TREE album from 1968. studying these things is what i am always into now.

DARKTHRONE is more a studio band than a live band, but is there any chance that your fans can see DARKTHRONE live sometimes?

i think it is a bigger chance to see me in a porn movie being fingered by E.T!
Lieber nicht :-)

seriously, when i was a kid in the 70s, my biggest dream (besides becoming the new KEVIN KEEGAN) was to RECORD ALBUMS. not being on stage. in 1988-91 we had to play a bunch of gig to get experience and get our name around, but i never liked it and i have no wish to be on a stage at this point in my life at all. instead i answer every serious MESSAGE on myspace, our only alive webpage. i also do music list blogs there, and please go to DARKTHRONE OFFICIAL to discover many new and old bands on our TOP FRIENDS.

At your Myspace-page and in the booklets you give some hints for metalband which are worse to hear. Maybe you can give the readers of some hints too?!

ok, thank you for this opportunity, mainly i say that in all the interviews i did since 1988 and up to now, the most important part of the interview is where i mention other bands.

this year i like to mention some of the active bands i support these day: HERE WE GO!!!


Okay, thank You for your time! The last words are yours!

THANK YOU FOR READING. don't forget to listen to Manilla Road!

geführt am 13.11.2008   von Toby
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