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Devian "To Stand Still Is To Be Engulfed!"
Ende letzten Jahres das neue Album und Anfang diesen Jahres die Winterfest Tour mit Samael, Deicide und Vader, dazu ein Haufen positiver Kritiken...was für Gründe braucht m,an noch, um sich Legion für ein paar Fragen zu krallen?
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Devian Ninewinged Serpent
Devian God To The Illfated
Devian - To Stand Still Is To Be Engulfed!

Hi Legion. First of all: How are you doing?
Hey! I´m great thanks for asking. Just chilling after being onstage in Austria. We had a really bouncy stage today and our tech Mike forbid me to jump around like usually because the cabinettes would fall over, they were swaying and were duck taped to stand still haha fuck me I´m just happy they didn´t fall over us!

You are now on the Winterfest Tour. How are things going?
It´s been great. We started the tour with only doing new songs plus Scarred and we weren´t sure if we were doing the right thing since ....Illfated has only been out a few weeks but it´s been a great reception. So far we´ve sparked a lot of emotion everywhere we´ve been playing so Hell yeah to that! It´s great to be out on the road again and Deicide, Samael and Vader are all old friends so it´s really cool to see everyone again, Order of Ennead and The Amenta are swell guys aswell. We´re having an Devian vs. The Amenta contest every day, consisting of a task or a challenge like Noone is allowed to take a shit or the last day it´s gonna be what band can drink most beers during their set. So far we´re even at 2-2.

How does you feel about the second opportunity to tour with polish Death Metal Veterans Vader?
Great. We´re fans of their music and Peter and me go way back so it´s really cool. As soon as we got out of the airport he came all happy and hugged us welcome, he´s a class act and I was really happy to see that despite his line up troubles in -08 he has just hit the ground running cause the new Vader kills with the same precision of the former line up.

Please describe the history of DEVIAN. When the ideas comes to start the band, why do you want to start the band, etc.
The band foundation rests on mine and Emils friendship and that we wanted to play together even though we didn´t want to be in Marduk. We started to talk about something in -05 but didn´t record a demo until -06, CMR got interested and after that things went really fast. We spent 3 months recording the first album Ninewinged Serpent and then we played all shows we could get on for it, went straight off the Vader tour and recorded our second album God to the Illfated and here we are again out there and ripping it up!

And now some question about your new record "God To The Illfated": please tell us something about the writing and recording process.
The writing took a different turn this way since we´re now a rehearsing band and we dragged all riffs we come up with into the rehearsal room and try to make them work, we play the shit and if it turns out cool we´ll keep it. If it doesn´t do it for us it´s in the garbage bin, we like to throw stuff away. The competition is so fierce today as a metal musician you better make sure not to waste anyones time with fillers on the albums. We want the songs, the order they´re put on the album, the leads, the lyrics the works to be all it can be or else it´d be an epic fail. Recording this time was easy, two months and we were done, it flew by very easily compared to Ninewinged. We also had Peter Tägtgren onboard this time which made a big difference since he´s brilliant.

Your second record came very fast after your debut. Are some songs from "God To The Illfated" from the recording process of "Nightwinged Serpent"?
No, after Ninewinged we learned so much about who we are that we didn´t wanna do the same stuff again but move forward. We always look very much on the over all picture and important development of the band and try to cover all angles as good as we can. I wrote the title track autumn of -07 and two more drafts that we threw away and then everyone raped the song and added and changed and eventually we were on it and the ideas just kept coming from everybody so it was great. We took a portable studio with us on the road and altered the material even more after learning where our strenghts lays opening for Vader and when we came home we let the roadmadness spill onto the disc.

What were your expectations about the new record and did they come true?
Yes it´s killer. I love it. Makes me hungry to make another one. And tour.

DEVIAN's music is pretty much a mix of most extreme metal genres. Can you tell me your main influences?
Slayer, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, lots of Death and Black Metal.

Please tell me something about the lyrics: who is writing them and were did he get his ideas for the lyrics?
I´m the lyricalist. I gain inspiration from everything. Things just keeps coming, sometimes I blurt out a shitload of stuff at the same time being freaky at home just isolating me and living out of my headspace, catharically dispell some heinous shit that needs to come out I guess. Or I can be in the most odd place and just get an idea so thank divine powers for my dictaphone so that a riff or a lyric line always can be memorized. I hate, hate it when I come up with something that gives me goosebumps and then forget about the stuff. I made a point out of once running all the way home when being on a buss just because some stuff popped into my head and I´d get a major anxiety attack if I´d forget it.

Do you have wrote any new songs for a new record yet?
Yes! 5 songs or thereabout since it´s going forward all the time. We´re aiming at being ready to record by summer this year. To stand still is to be engulfed!!

What do you think were DEVIAN will be in the next five or ten years or what are your wishes about this?
We know where we wanna go and that´s all the way up. We´re a competitive bunch and we´re really hungry for it. If we can make someone else look tired and boring we will! It´s a hard knock life the music scene and things are up for grabs. The game is on!!!

Thank you for your time. The last words are yours!
Thanks for taking an interest. The Winterfest is destroying Europe now!!! Devian on!!!

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