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Deathchain "Extreme Metal From Finland"
The finnish five-piece Deathchain did a good job on their fourth album "Death Eternal", which was released in november 2008. The brutal mixture of thrash metal and death metal impressed me, so I sent some questions to the band.
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Deathchain Death Eternal
Deathchain - Extreme Metal From Finland

First of all, please introduce your band to our readers.

Corpse: We were formed back in 1997 under the name "Winterwolf", but the line-up was really different in those days. We released two demos and soon after the release of the second demo, I relocated to Kuopio (City in Middle-Finland) and found new members to play by my side. We changed our name to "Deathchain" to have a fresh start as a band. Demo, four albums, couple of European tours, over hundred gigs, few member changes and here we are hahaha!

You play a mixture of death and thrash metal. What are your favourite bands in these genres?

Corpse:Deicide, Morbid Angel, Sadus, Celtic Frost, Venom, Malevolent Creation, Sepultura (pre-jungle perioid), Immolation, Destruction and Slayer. There are more bands of course, but maybe those are the most influential for me and Deathchain.

What can you tell us about the earlier releases of Deathchain?

Corpse: "Deadmeat Disciples" was our first album and we were really rookies what came to studioworking and songwriting, but it still I think it's a good album. It was recorded at Studio Perkele with S(atanic) Jämsen and the session was really alcohol influenced madness! During the recordings of the second album “Deathrash Assault" we were really focused, and knew what we were doing because we learned from our "mistakes" after "Deadmeat Disciples". I think “Deathrash Assault” was and is the best album, that we could do in the more thrashier style. That is the reason why "Cult of Death" went more deep into the death metal grounds, because we dont want to repeat ourselves. I think the album has 5 great songs, but the rest of the songs are more or less average material. "Death Eternal" is like a mixture of our three first albums, with a touch of black influences! But I must say that we are really proud of all our albums!

Please tell us about the feedback you get from press and fans concerning the new album?

Corpse: It has been mainly really positive, and it is nice to notice that our old fans also seem to love it! The feedback from USA has been the best so far, so we are really hopeful that we could organise a tour in the States.

Which one of you is responsible for the songwriting?

Corpse: I wrote most of the material, but Cult did some songs and riffs also and I think that our musical views for Deathchain are similar. I also do some lyrics, but Khaos does the most of them. I usually give him the songtitles and he goes on from there and it has worked really fine! But I'm not a dictator, and if someone comes up with a really great riff or theme that fits the song, ofcourse we'll use it! There are no room for big egos in abyss!

Are there some outstanding lyrics you want to comment exclusively?

Corpse: Hmm...Maybe my favourite lyrics are in the song "Incantations of Shub-Niggurath". The lyrics are influenced strongly by H.P.Lovecraft and Donald Tyson's - The Wanderings of Alhazred. Of course there is also a touch of my own imagination. The song has a really haunting desert-like feeling, and the lyrics and music support each other 100%!!

How is the situation for extreme metal band in Finland?

ICorpse: think that the true extreme bands are mostly underground, but there are few exeptions like examples Rotten Sound, which is really well known around Finland. I also think that it is really a good thing that Black metal is in the underground because mainstream people would never understand the ideology behind it! But metal seems to be the "thing" here in Finland and it has it good sides, but it also has bad sides as could say that it's like a double-edged sword hahaha!

Are there some plans to go on tour in Germany?

Corpse: Of course we have plans, but I cant say more because plans are ever changing. But we are looking for a suitable tour around the Europe and hopefully we'll hit the road during this year. I miss the taste of curry-bratwurst and sauerkraut!

What are your favourite albums at the moment?

Corpse: I've been listening to the newest Immolation a lot, and I also must mention RockErickson's - The Evil One + One. Of course there are always some classic albums from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest that I always tend to listen.

Any last words...

Corpse: If you are into old-schoolish Death/Thrash-metal, check out our latest album "Death Eternal"! I bet you will enjoy it! Cthulhu Fhtagn! Yours in Death, Corpse.

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