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Slough Feg "Mike Scalzi Hat Das Wort...."
SLOUGH FEG sind zurück! – „Ape Uprising“ heißt das neueste Werk der Metaller aus der Bay Area. Metralglory hat die Gelegenheit genutzt SLOUGH FEG Mastermind Mike Scalzi ein wenig auf den Zahn zu fühlen. Interessant, was der Mann über sein neues Album, SLOUGH FEG im Allgemeinen oder die aktuellen Vorgänge in der Bay Area zu erzählen hat….
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Slough Feg - Mike Scalzi Hat Das Wort....

So, here we go! First of all, how do you do? -- A lot of work to do at
How do I do?! Isn't this supposed to be a metal interview? Yes a lot of work at
present....................but perhaps not the kind you are thinking

Your new Album "Ape Uprising" is in Stores now. What are your
expectations on the new Album?
I have no expectations; I gave up on those years ago. Perhaps it
will sell a few copies. And then we'll go on tour, and then we'll do
another, and another...............and then we'll die.

Tell us a about the Songwriting Process, please? How does the
Songwriting Process usually proceed in Slough Feg?
Very randomly. It usually starts with me. I am at home in my
living room bored (because I don't have a wife and kids to make my life
even more miserable), I sit and watch movies and read and Google myself
because I'm vain as hell, and then decide to create a riff, or one comes
into my head, like when I'm on the toilet or something, and I have to
run to the tape recorder (yes, I still use an old tape recorder) and
play it on guitar.. then another one comes, and another, and then a
vocal line. Then I bring it down to the band in the rehearsal room and
they tell me it sukcs, and I threaten to kick them out of the band
unless they play it anyway. And then it becomes a slough feg song. It's
a completely Fascist arrangement. I write almost all of the songs, and
the rest of the band hates them, but they play them anyway because if
they're in my band they get to meet girls, which would never happen

While listening to "Ape Uprising" I have a feeling that the Celtic
Folk Elements in your music have been be pushed into the background a
little bit. Do you agree with this statement, and what are the Main
Differences to your previous Releases from your point of view?
No. I don't agree. The more I try to sound Celtic the more I
fail. The whole Traveller album was supposed to be a 'Celtic Space Opera'
(an idea that the whole band hated) and I tried real hard fro once to
make it Celtic, but it didn't work and ended up sounding like Journey. I
think ape uprising is very Celtic Sounding, it's just not about
mythology, unless you consider the mythology of the future, like Planet
of the Apes. The main difference is that on this album I was trying to
write a song that sounded like a cross between Chuck Berry's "too much
monkey business" and the theme song for "the monkeys" tv show, and it
came out all wrong.

The Album Cover in association with the Title may give the impression
that "Ape Uprising" contains a Lyrical Concept (Like on "Traveller").
Planet of Apes comes in mind first. Is there any Lyrical Concept, or/and
what are the Lyrics about?
It is rather silly isn't it? Most people think it looks like and
eighties hardcore album, and I agree. That wasn't my intention, it was
supposed to look like the gatefold art of Queen's "news of the world"
album, but the artist made it kinda funny looking. There isn't much I
could do about that. I think I'm gonna draw the next album cover myself.

Which Bands are an Inspiration for you personally and for Slough Feg?
I don't know anymore. I've been listening to Yes and Twisted
sister lately. But I don't know if I'm influenced by it or not. We have
tried to institute George Bensen as our band mascot as well. Kid of like
how Riot has a Sea Lion on their albums, we want George Bensen's head on
all ours.

And how would you describe your music to somebody, who never heard
about Slough Feg before?
I say its heavy metal. And then if they ask if it sounds like
Metallica I say no, those guys suck.

Can you give a short Overview about Slough Feg's history? -- I'm sure
not many of our readers are very familiar with Slough Feg.
I'm sure many of your readers would be just as bored hearing
about that as I would be talking about it. We have seven albums and try
to write music that is enjoyable. The rest is all boring stuff: "well,
we didn't have much money so the production on our first album kinda
sucks, then we went on this grueling tour of Germany, then the first
label didn't give us the ..................blab la bla".
Don't know what else I can tell them. Maybe I should write a book called
"the road to number one". I think I'll do that.

The Name "Slough Feg"is taken from "Ta'in Bo Cuailgne", a Celtic
Saga. In which way does the Celtic Mythology take influence on Slough
Feg at present?
I don't know. The truth is I don't know all that much about it.
I've read a few books here and there, and I know most of the stories. I
only like the ones where a lot of people get killed. I don't want to
hear about Fairies and Leprechauns. There's some pretty good ones about
people being disemboweled and having their heads thrust on stakes. That
makes good lyrics. I have to get back to Ireland to play soon, we have a
good time over there.

Some terms which often appears when talking about Slough Feg are
"Love them or hate them" or "The band San Francisco loved to hate"... Have
you any explanation, why these terms appear so often in touch with
Slough Feg?
NO I don't know. People used to hate us a lot over here, now
they seem to love us, which I am grateful for. I guess we're actually an
'extreme metal band', in that we evoke extreme reactions in people. I
think that's good. I would get bored otherwise. I don't want people to
say "oh they're okay". I want then to either love or or be totally put
off by us.

You were founded in Pennsylvania in 1990 but moved to San Francisco.
At that time the Bay Area scene began to disappear for several reasons.
If you take a look to Metal scene today, what are the main differences
between those days and present days?
The main difference is that there is a metal scene now and there
wasn't then. It’s not like it was in the eighties, but its still not so
bad as it was in the nineties. People lie metal now. Will they like it
in another 3 or 4 years? We'll have to see, it would be nice to think
that it wasn't going to go away again. I have a feeling it won't die out
so fast this time, because it’s not a big money maker anymore, and doens'
have all the glam and bullshit it had in the eighties. An underground
scene can last longer; it went out for a reason in the eighties...........

Do you follow what is going on in the Bay Area Scene these days? I
mean this whole "New wave of Bay Area Thrash Metal" movement is also
quite popular in Europe. What do you think about this movement, and are
there any new Bands which impressed you so much during the last few
month that they a worth to be mentioned here?

There isn't any 'New wave of Bay Area Thrash Metal". Not that I
can see. I think that's all hype. I can't think of one band in that so
called 'scene'. And if there is such a thing, maybe I don't know about
it because it sounds just like a re-hash of something that wasn't that
great in the first place. I'm not really into bay area thrash anyway. I
like Bonded by Blood, and the first three Metallica albums. That's about
it. I think the rest of that stuff is just trying to mimic those
records. It’s all copy cat stuff, just like 99.9% of all rock music.
"Hey, let's try to sound just like exodus did in 84!!" Well, there's
worse things you could try to sound like of course, but that stuff has
been done to death. Then again, we've been trying to re-hash Maiden and
Thin Lizzy for years now, so what do I know...........

And what are your impressions about European and German Scene in
particular? -- You have a special connection to Europe, not least because
your Label is settled in Italy. Although you're --with all due respect- a
quite infrequent visitor of German Stages you have a following here....

Interesting. We've been to Germany five times and played over
twenty shows there. I don't know much about the "European scene" right
now. I don't like power, black or death metal, but I've heard a few good
things in the last few years. I can't always remember the names of them
though. Lamp of Thoth is good, they're English. I've always liked Sacred
Steel and Dawn of Winter as well. And Ritual Steel (or whatever they're
called these days). I love playing shows with underground bands in
Europe, and will be doing it again next summer, come hell of high water,
it is true we have not been to Germany enough lately.

Before we come to the End of this Interview, Could you give an
outlook can be expected from Slough Feg in 2009? For example see you
Live in Germany for example?
Answer: Probably not until 2010. We'll be doing more US touring and
hopefully another record in 2010. For the rest of '09 I'll writing songs
and trying to become regular.
Thank you for answering our questions. Some finishing words to
everyone who read this Interview, and your Fans out there?

Thank you. Mike

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