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Silk Helvetika "Us-metal Und Chemische Elemente"
SILK HELVETIKA aus dem fernen Pennsylvania marschieren mit ihrem aktuellen Album „Hafnium“ ganz in den Fußstapfen des traditionellen 80er Heavy Metals, wie man ihn sonst eigentlich von Metal Church und Konsorten gewohnt war. Warum Sie gerade diesen Albumtitel ausgewählt haben und welche Pläne für das kommende Jahr anstehen, verrät Mik Myers im Metalglory-Interview.
Weitere Infos zu Silk Helvetika:
Silk Helvetika Hafnium
Silk Helvetika - Us-metal Und Chemische Elemente

Hi there. Congratulations to your very good new album. Please describe the reactions to the CD so far.
Mike Myers: Reaction here in the U.S. has been very positive. It seems the modern rock crowd is enjoying it as well as the hardcore group that grew up with Metallica, Judas priest, Megadeath , “New Wave of British heavy metal” and the ex hair metalers. I’m still catching up on the status and reception for Europe.

Some of our readers may never have heard about you. Please give us a short briefing in the band's biography.
The current members of slik Helvetika were all in bands playing the East Coast circuit of US in the 80’s-90’s and eventually played together in a very reckless and young unsigned band in the US called “Destroyer”. Kjell moved on to tour with Quiet Riot and Skull, I, [Mik] was in Final Line and produced a few bands and Mark went to re-hab. When I put together Slik Hel many years later these were the guys I wanted in the band! Kjell jumped on board for the 1st album and Mark came on board slightly after.

What about the recording process of your new album? Any stories or curiosities to report?
I’m told our process is a little unique. I go away and write the songs. Mark [Truk} and I get together and rehearse some time after and lay out all the beats, fills and grooves. I then sit down with Kjell and chart out all the bass lines on staff paper. He goes away to study and comes back for several practices until it totally rocks and we then go record the album.

Tell us something about the title of the new album „Hafnium“. It`s certainly very special to name a CD like a chemical element.
Hf 72 is a scientific periodical element. The song itself is about life and death, the loss of my father and what happens to the soul when we die. For centuries real science has been slowly overturning myths about, greek Aztek and myan gods requiring human sacrifices to make rain, the earth being flat, witch burnings, the sun orbiting the earth etc. Hafnium and a string of similar radioactive /morph state elements that are thought to exist in more than one state or place at a time have opened up a new way of thinking about multiple parallel universes which may eventually explain life death states. The only bad thing would be that maybe nothing would be spooky enough to make those hairs stand up on the back of our necks anymore?

For the german community it would be very interesting to understand the meaning of the song “Fremd Gehirn Fressen”. Why did you chose such a name? !
..well my grandmother spoke Pennsylvania Dutch but my German is limited to a german/English translation dictionary only. So from that perspective it translates “Strange Brain Eating?”. We thought it would raise some conversation and have multiple interpretations and translations. It is an intro to “cadaver” which is a song about a dead soul watching his own funeral and thinking: “we have some strange traditions about saluting death, why is my family hanging out with this displayed dead body?” We thought that the sounds in FGF were that of crazed brain eating cadavers when we recorded them.

What about the other songs? Which is your favourite one?
Our previous CD was written from a lot of hypothetical situations, but HAFNIUM is about a lot of personal experiences for me. So all the song have a place with me. At the time of pre-production we had 19 songs to choose from so I have to say every one of these is a favorite.. The crowd reactions to “reign” have been fantastic beyond expectation.

What are your musical influences? How would you describe your musical style?
A lot of diverse new and old influences are melting together to make our music style. Old: Queen, Sweet, early Judas Priest, Venom, accept, dokken.. Newer: Stone Sour, Rev Theory. Marvelous 3, and Slipknot. We are a 70’s, 80’s, 90’s 2010 band all rolled into one.

Tell us about your plans in future.
We are working hard with cmm Gmbh and flashover to at least get on 2010 festivals and hopefully a tour with a compatible band and win the hearts of fans worldwide. we are convinced our live show is better than the record.

“Hafnium” is your third CD but the first one which is available in Europe. Do you think of releasing your first albums in Europe, too?
We would like to make all our discs available in Europe and hope to do so sometime during tour plans for 2010.

What are your last words to the readers of Metalglory?
I’m going to say to Metalglory that I respect that fact that Europeans have stayed true to music THEY like, where as US markets follow whatever trend is sold by the media as “cool” at the time. Kudos, due respect and do ROCK forever Metalglory!

Thank you very much and keep rockin`!

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