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The Lovecrave "We Are Not A Gothic Band"
Mit Soul Saliva legten die Italiener ein beeindruckendes Album vor. Da "The Lovecrave" hierzulande noch nicht jedem ein Begriff sein wird, ist dies eine schöne Gelegenheit, um mit Frontfrau Francesca Chiara nicht nur über das Album, sondern auch über ihren musikalischen Werdegang und Persönliches zu sprechen.
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The Lovecrave Soul Saliva
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The Lovecrave - We Are Not A Gothic Band

Hi Francesca, first of all I must admit that I was quite captivated by your latest album. Well done! Are you satisfied with the general reactions so far?
Thanks a lot, it was a huge work so we like to hear nice things about it now! Hahah We are really happy of the first reactions and it seems that apart from the music tastes, everybody so far likes Soul Saliva very much. Of course we have to wait and see what people thinks out there.

The Lovecrave is often referred to Gothic Rock but there’s certainly more to it. How would you describe your music and what are the main influences?
I would say that we play modern rock with quite a few influences from the 80s and from the 90s. We all think that it would be more interesting to be compared to bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, Linkin Park or Garbage instead of gothic metal bands. We are not a gothic band but just a rock band.

You decided to cover the Michael Jackson classic „Thriller“, which is a rather unusual tune for a rockband. Why did you choose this song?
Well I heard it about a year and a half on TV and I started singing along…I thought it was cool, I proposed it to the other guys. Tank found the riff right away and in a few days all the arrangement was done. Too bad Micheal died…it was really shocking for us, we felt bad. But now it is a nice tribute for him I think.

What are the differences between The Lovecrave’s previous album „The Angel And The Rain“ and „Soul Saliva“?
"The Angel and The Rain" was our first album and it was a first try of doing something different. We made some mistakes I think, as every band does on a first release. We still play songs of that album live and some of them are still goals in the live set. The Angel was a good gothic rock album... "Soul Saliva" is much more! From the technical work to the songwriting, from the orginal touch in the sounds to the artwork it is definetely a huge step forward for us. It really sounds better quality than many big productions around and we are a small indipendent band so we can only be super happy about it!

Do you have a personal favorite song on „Soul Saliva“ and why?
I really love many songs in this album but there are two the I love the most: "Outsider" and "Leon's Lullaby". The first one has a special atmosphere that reminds me of a free jump from a skyscraper... it speaks about freedom, how it can also become a jail. The second one because it is dedicated to my little 10 months baby Leonardo.

Beside the fact that you solely wrote the lyrics, it seems that you and your mate Tank mainly composed the music. Are the other band members involved in the process of songwriting as well?
Yes in "Soul Saliva" also the producer Max Cassan wrote some parts in some songs and Simon, our bassist, collaborated in two songs.

As I said, you are responsible for the lyrics. About which topics do you write, what is the content of „Soul Saliva“?
The main subject of this work is the reaction. It’s not an introspective or a depressive work. The message is “don’t let the world step over you and react!” . It speaks about some problems that the world has and the bright hope for the future.

You have a little son and he must be about one year old by now. Needless to say that you had to take a break and that the work on the album must have been quite an effort for you. Where do you get the energy to cope with family and band? Will this have a dramatic effect on the band in the near future (touring, spending time in the studio etc. must be hard to realise now)?
To be honest I’m going through hell: baby, house, my job, promotion of the new album, tours...and everything with no help at all so I’m going insane. As you said Leonardo is almost one now and I’m going to bring him with us on tour in the future...not easy to do but I have to.

Although your last album was quite successful, some of our readers may never heard about The Lovecrave at all. Please tell us something about the band’s history.
Our band got together in year 2005 and it’s formed by Tank Palamara on guitar, Simon Dredo on bass, Bob Machine on drums and me, Francesca, on vocals. We worked on the first album, The Angel And The Rain, until Oct 2006 when it was realeased by german label Repo Records. We entered the european gothic circuit and started to play around in clubs and big festivals such as M'era Luna, WGT, Amphi Festival... The more we played the more we felt that our sound could be much more than a gothic rock band so we started to create the new album with the idea of doing something unique, with our own original style. Tank started to work on the new production with Max Cassan (a great electronic music producer). We wrote many songs and produced the best ones and now we are on tour again presenting our newborn baby, "Soul Saliva", exactly what The Love are all about.

There’s also an album called „Francesca Chiara - Il Parco Dei Sogni“, which was released back in 1999. As far as I know, Tank and the others were involved there as well or is it a mere solo album?
Yes only Tank was involved, he wrote with me all the songs and did the preproduction of the album. There was my name there but we were a real band at that time. When you deal with majors you never decide anything.

It seems that you make music for quite a long time. Have you always tended to the music you perform now? What kind of music did you make in your earliest days?
It’s funny but I am slowly closing a circle. I started my carrier playing rock’nroll, stuff like american hard rock and there is a lot of that music in The LoveCrave now. Of course I went through many different rock styles, from grunge to gothic to punk. I like to explore and never stop somewhere, it’s my main problem but it’s also a way to improve and go on.

Beside your talent as a singer you are also a graphic designer (you are responsible for the artwork of „The Angel And The Rain“ and „Soul Saliva“) and you write stories. Do you think that you are... let’s say „artistically gifted“?
I don’t know... I certainly feel the need to express myself, I have ideas all the time and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them. I gave many ideas to other friends for new activities, logos, videos, songs, writings... I imagine things’s hard to explain but I like to think and try to create new things.

The Lovecrave is a female fronted band that makes music mainly guys listen to. Do you think the band’s success is founded to a certain degree on sex-appeal? Does this annoy you?
It totally annoys me. First of all I don’t think to be such a sex-appealed woman...I’m just a very good graphic who can use Photoshop! Hahaha Sometimes I really wish I were a man, I don’t like to be watched like a woman on stage. Everybody expects more from a woman. I don’t have the nice cleaned voice that everybody expects from a girl and I don’t care of wearing girly sexy clothes. I’m there to say something, to have fun and to play rock’n’roll, that’s all!

Do you earn enough money with The Lovecrave to make a living or do you and the others have to work in „regular jobs“?
Hahahah sorry it makes me laugh because just yeasterday I saw this site where Soul Saliva has been downloaded 400 times in less than a week. It’s sick. We work all day, save a few money in a year, record an album and then give it for free around. This is how it works for indie bands. Well if people out there can’t understand that for us it’s not a matter of losing a million or two out of ten but it’s a matter of surviving we can’t do anything. Just get stolen of our music.
Of course we can’t survive with the band and we all have other jobs.

Are you close friends with other Italian rock bands like Lacuna Coil? Is there a kind of team spirit in the Italian scene?
Tank is Andrea Ferro’s friend, they were grown together in the same road. To be honest there is no help from bigger bands and there is no team spirit in the italian scene. Just many smiles in the front and many bad words in the back. Expecially here in Milan, it seems that when things go wrong the other bands are happy and when things go well they start chatting bad about you. This is why we kind of cut ourselves out of the scene in these last years.

To what music / which bands do you listen to in your private life?
No time for listening to music lately but when I do I like to listen to classic albums like „Back in Black“ of „The Black album“ or „The number of the beast“ or some barely new things like Linkin Park or 30 Seconds to Mars or Muse.

Well Francesca, finally I just want to say many thanks for taking the time to answer the questions and I wish you and your band all the best. Now you may address some words to our readers.
Thank you so much to you and to all the readers. I really hope to meet you guys around somewhere and let us know what you think of the new album, it’s really important for us. Rock on everybody!!!
geführt am 24.06.2010   von Arne
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