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Bloodbath "All-star-band!"
Nach der Veröffentlichung des Debüt-Albums hatte ich nun die Gelegenheit mit einem der Köpfe von Bloodbath (per E-Mail) zu plaudern. Was mir aufgefallen ist: Die Schweden sind ja „mega-schnell“ im beantworten von Fragen, zumindest kann ich dies auf den Herr Anders Nyström zurückführen. Let´s go!
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Bloodbath - All-star-band!
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Bloodbath - The New Era With Mikael (again) Has Begun…..

How did it actually come to the co-operation with Bloodbath? Finally you’ve good friends and you probably have enough to do with your main bands?
Well, lets take it from the start...back in 1993, it was only me and Jonas fooling around with death riffs while waiting for other members to show up at Katatonia rehearsals, so a death project was just born out of that. Mind you, back then we'd all kinds of projects going just for the hell of it and most of them never got to leave the rehearsal room. Anyways, during some Katatonia recording session down at Unisound with we told Dan about this brutal shit we'd been fooling around with and that if we ever came around to record it it was gonna be called Bloodbath. Now fast forward up to 1998. Dan called us up and said he'd thrown out his old studio gear for new digital shit and was just setting it up and asked me, Jonas and Mike to come down jamming on this Bloodbath shit and get some real old school vibes going and record a classic demo and even have it released as one of those underground cassettes just the way they looked back then. Great, we jammed up riff after riff and all of a sudden "Breeding Death" and "Omnious Bloodvomit" was nailed. It was pure magic, we got piss drunk and it was just pure fun. Anyway, a few weeks later Dan called us up and was really sorry, cuz the whole recording was nowhere to be retrieved, it had been mysteriously deleted from the hardrive, so he threw that piece out, got an ADAT and asked us to come down again. So we actually went down there again to re-record the whole shit but this time adding another song - "Furnace Funeral". It wasn't as magic as the first session, but it turned out a lot better and a few weeks later I listened to the tapes again and got blown by what Bloodbath had created here, so I decided to shop for a a minicd deal instead of releasing a demo cassette. Century Media were one of the quickest willing to lay their claws on it, so we closed a deal. The blood was spilled...
When "Breeding death" was released it was said that it used only to be released as a mini-album? Why did you change your mind? What was the decisive reason for that?
Well, the reason was basically all four of us being very occupied with other musical activities. We also had no clue what kind of feedback Bloodbath would get and if anyone really wanted a full album, but once the smoke cleared, it was just a matter of getting all our ends meet.
What can you tell us about the lyrics? Is there any connection in view of the lyrics of your personal main bands? Can you imagine how the effect is on the listener?
The lyrics are just 100% true to death metal. The way they should be. They're not to be taken seriously, they're fiction, just like a movie or a book. It's 100% entertainment value, only.
Was the artwork made in order to affect the listener directly? Is there any connection between the lyrics, the artwork and so on?
The connection is obvious: a red thread of brutal fuckin Death Metal!!! We think the cover came out excellent. It will fit perfect on your parents bedroom wall hahaha...
The debut album is very great and comes totally up to my expectations. However, I think “Breeding death” (mini-CD) is quite different. I think the new songs more developed. Maybe the reason for such good results could be that you´ve had much more time for the recording session? Hadn´t you?
On 'Breeding Death' we all jammed up the songs together like a (drunk/hungover!) rehearsal unit. It was very effective and pro, yet fun and non demanding. There would be myself and Dan grooving with some riffs, once we recorded the takes, Mike and Jonas would already have the lyric lines written for them, you know. Thats just the cool shit with working with pro guys, nothing every becomes tedious and slow. Its all about capturing the heat of the moment and putting it down, effectively. As for 'Resurrection Through Carnage' we all wrote the songs seperately on our own. We did about 3-4 each then me and Jonas went down to Dan's place, he got this digital studio stuffed into one of his rooms of his home and we recorded all guitars and bass to a click track, Dan then took that shit with him to another studio down town and recorded the drums to the same click track by himself. Back to Dan's place with the gear. Mike came down and put down the growls. Dan mixed it. Technology rulez!
Which bands inspired you concerning the new album? Would you agree that some sound similar to Edge of Sanity, Entombed etc. and especially the guitar of “Cry my name” is like a tribute or maybe dedicated to Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P.)!?
There's a few noddings to Chuck in there and maybe especially in 'Cry My Name', but the focus is on the Stockholm-Sunlight-89-92 era sound ala 'Left Hand Path' etc. We tried to bring that sound back into the picture here in 2002. We're all huge fans of that style as it was part of our teenage years.
Despite of going on tour (Dan doesn´t like it very much)? I would like to know whetner it would be possible to make/start a little tour? Or at least some gigs/Open Airs?
I wouldn't doubt that at all, but all I can say is that the desire to play is there, but its colliding with reality. All of us got such busy schedules with our main bands. Maybe if we can find some dead moments in between we could pull of either a real tour or at least some festival. It would kikk azz!!!
What can we expect from Bloodbath in the future? How is the situation with Century Media like have you signed further contracts concerning new albums?
Nothing is planned for the moment. 'Resurrection Through Carnage' is the current happening and we're not looking.
So let us talk about Katatonia now!? Can you tell us something about your new upcoming album (lyrics, etc)? What may we expect? Are there any new influences, new styles etc.?
It's a harder album, but very atmospheric too. Probably gonna be around 12 tracks. The album should surface around April 2003, so you can all check it out and judge for yourselves.
Is there a plan for a tour again, after the great 2001 Tour with Opeth and Novembre, or such Open Air gigs? Any plans/dates?
We're planning to play a lot in 2003. Everything we'll do will be announced on
Last words are up to you:……..!!!!!
Tja, Leute, dann greift mal bei den Shirts zu! Vielen dank für die schnellen und direkten Antworten und bis zum nächsten Mal. An dieser Stelle möchte ich auch einen Dank an Yvonne (The Art-Master) richten!
Last words are up to you:……..!!!!!
Thanx for the interest. Go get some Bloodbath shirts at before they're gone...
geführt am 09.12.2002   von Arturek
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