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Elvenking "Follow Your Instincts!"
Wow! A new Elvenking album is on its way. The band from Italy is still alive. Or let's say it this way: They are more alive than ever! Because - surprise, surprise - "Red Silent Tides" is one of their greatest releases. All critics will fall silent after listening to the great melody lines and guitar works of the new album. So it was more than urgent for Metalglory to get in touch with vocalist Damna.
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Elvenking - Follow Your Instincts!

Hi there. Congratulations to your great new album. Please describe the reactions to the CD so far.
Thanks! Well actually the album has just been spread to the press and we donít have a global view of how itís going. Anyway all the reviews we saw so far were absolutely positive and I think itís the first time we get so many enthusiastic reviews as a starter! Hope this will be happening with the following ones ;)
This is the first Elvenking interview for Metalglory. So please introduce yourself to our readers.
Well thereís nothing much I can add to all the biographies you can find on the net. If you like melodic metal and the sound of the violin, you may find some interesting stuff in our albums.
What are the milestones of your career up to now?
Things are getting bigger with time. Itís like slowly climbing a ladder. Every step is a milestone in our career and we are thankful for it.
Was there a moment when you realized that Elvenking would become something special?
It has always been special for us! If we werenít sure about this, we wouldnít have gone so far. We always believed in ourselves and in our music and thatís what helped us to face all the strain and the sweat & blood.
Let's talk about your new CD. How would you describe your development from the recent years to "Red Silent Tides"?
ďRed Silent TidesĒ is the natural development of our sound. We will never do an album twice and this is the proof. This time we felt the need of focusing on the melody and the feelings more than ever.
My favourite is the "Runereader". Can you tell us something about this song and it's history?
We will never deny that we are a band in constant development but sometimes itís also healthy and cool to look back at the roots. In fact on this song I hear a lot of what we used to be in the past. Itís epic and it has all the features that made Elvenking bigger through time.
Is there a favorite song of yours from the album? If so: Which one and why? If not: Which one gets the most attention in live concerts?
Actually we didnít play them live yet, except for a couple, but it doesnít count that much since the album hasnít been released yet. I think the song I am most attached to is ďThe CabalĒ. It is a very personal song and I am very proud of it as a composer. More than this I think itís a song that flows perfectly from the beginning to the end.
In my opinion, your folk music influences have decreased. Would you agree?
I donít know.It depends on which songs you are talking about. Personally I donít think we have to proof that we use a certain amount of folk music in our albums. Itís justÖ we follow our inspiration and our instinct.
How would you describe your music today?
Without using the usual etiquettes Iíd say we are a band that tries to transmit emotions and feelings through melodies and lyrics.
At the end of your career: Which statement would you like to read about your band in the great history book of Heavy Metal?
ďThey didnít change the world, but sure as hell they had fun!Ē
What do you think: How will Elvenking sound like in let's say five years? Is there a masterplan? Or do you have a certain vision of the perfect Elvenking sound?
Nowadays EK is the perfect reflection of its members in 2010. In 2015 itíll be the same. Our sound will develop and change for sure. Donít ask me how..itís something we never plan.
What is your opinion of the general situation in today's Heavy Metal?
Mmm.I donít know actually. I donít follow it as I used to do in the past. Thereís a lot of stuff I donít like anymore. Only the great bands will survive and those are the only one I still listen to. Lately thereís a lot of ďfunnyĒ bands being signed to big labelsÖI donít know..itís just not my style. I was raised with bands like Guns ní Roses, Aerosmith, Kiss, etc... the new bands that sing guitar and bass parts with their voice or that act drunk and smelly are not for me, just to make a few examples.
How important is it for you to play live on stage?
Iíd say itís vital. Itís one side of the coin we couldnít live without. If a big part of expressing ourselves is about writing music, the other big part is interpreting those songs on a stage, in front of our fans.
Which country do you like most for going on tour?
Any we didnít visit so far.
Please describe your audience!
Iíd say that we usually have some really loyal and open minded fans. People who likes music and appreciate it no matter what. EK is not a band for narrow minded people.
What can you tell us something about further live activities?
Next week weíll be touring Europe with Primal Fear for 2 weeks.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Germany. Best wishes to you all. Any finishing words?
See you very soon on tour!!! Thanks for the interview
geführt am 17.09.2010   von Christian
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