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Marya Roxx "Nothing To Regret"
"Payback Time" - this is the debut album of the young Estonian Rock lady Marya Roxx, who once attacked the charts as vocalist and bass player at Vanilla Ninja. Now Marya is on her own, and Metalglory sent her some questions in order to check out what is behind this young female Melodic Metal head who has nothing to regret. Melodic Metal? Yeah, that is her style - at least as far as Kevin Shirley is concerned.
Weitere Infos zu Marya Roxx:
Marya Roxx Payback Time
Marya Roxx - Nothing To Regret

Hi there. Congratulations to your debut album. Please describe the reactions to the CD so far.
Thank you very much. It's been great, I just promoted it in England , I did Scuzz TV where I did an hour long segment for them and talked about my album and I did bunch of interviews for radio stations and magazines . It has had a lot of great reviews online and in the music magazines as well.
Do you care for the opinion of your fans, the press and people in general? Or is it just you and your music?
The main reason I started doing music is for my fans to inspire people and because of the fact that I could not live without it .
So obviously I care about peoples reactions, but at the same time I try to be original- I let everything out and create to inspire .
Everyone knows Vanilla Ninja, but your new style is different. Please describe your development from the late VN days to "Payback Time".
I was always into heavier music too , so while the band was good , I felt the need to progress into heavier music , so my exit was a natural course of action .
Do you still have contact to the other girls from Vanilla Ninja or did you leave them in conflict?
We never had problems , I just needed to find myself in music and needed to do my own thing . Right now we are leading so different lives so we haven't kept in touch , but I wish them well !
How did you come up with the other musicians like Paul Crook or Scott Metaxas?
I had met the legendary producer Kevin "Caveman " Shirley few years before so when I sent him my demos , he was very interested and suggested the best musicians he could think of and we decided together who would be the best for my album and we clicked with Paul, Scott,Derek and Brian immediately in the studio . It was a natural for them to be involved playing live with me after that point . And depending on their other projects they play with me live.
What are the milestones of your career up to now?
There have been so many exciting shows and interviews . Well , definitely it was meeting Kevin "Caveman"Shirley and the wonderful musicians involved on the album.
Then Playing Hard Rock Hell and Hammerfest in UK.
Touring with Skindred, Primal Fear
Doing my own tour in England .
And having my album released this november.
You played in a Pop band, now in a Metal band and you are wearing a Punk shirt...what kind of music do you hear at home?
I have always listened to vast array of music , and I get inspired by different bands and musicians . I like Rammstein , AC/DC , W.A.S.P, Red Hot chili Peppers , Nirvana , Depeche Mode , Muse , Exploited, The Prodigy ,Iggy Pop, Pantera , Queen Etc. I am definitely addicted to music !
You released you first solo single "Shine it on" under your name Maarja but now changed it to Marya Roxx. What is the reason?
Marya Roxx sounds so much better ,and I had been wanting for years to change my artist name ,plus it is easier for people in U.S.A to pronounce .
Let's talk about your new CD. My favourite is "Loverboy". Can you tell us something about this song and it's history?
It is about an addictive attraction anyone could have for somebody ,and I am glad to say I have felt it myself- it is the greatest feeling of all to be in love and not care about the rest of the world , but it could be dangerous too...
And what about the title track?
Payback Time is a song about showing all the people that don't believe in you , that you can make things happen with honesty and integrity . But it could be a soundtrack to any revolution , big or small !
Which song gets the most attention in live concerts?
People tend to like them all and it also differs in different countries . I think "Rebel", “21?!” and "Loverboy" are quite the crowd pleasers .
Are there some lyrics that are special to you? Tell us something about them.
It depends on my mood . All my songs lyrics are special to me , they tend to give away small segments from my life .
There are some special lyrics that speak to me from other artists too , I would advise anyone to listen to Depeche Mode's , Clawfinger's, Rammstein's and Nirvana's songs lyrics . I think they are relevant and amazing .
How would you describe your music and what are your major influences?
My music is a mixture of the different music styles I listen to and my own grazy-ness thrown in for a good measure . Kevin Shirley described it as melodic metal .
At the end of your career: Which statement would you like to read about you in the great history book of Rock?
I lived to the fullest and left nothing to regret !
You were born in Tallinn. I love this town. Can you tell us something about Tallinn's local rock scene?
Tallinn is great ! We have all kinds of rock bands performing all the time at our rock clubs Tapper and Rock Cafe and also at Saku Suurhall .
It the summertime we have lots of outdoor concerts and local rock festivals . Plus we have the coolest thing for rock fans, called Heavy-Aerobics! It’s aerobics with Heavy Music!
How important is it for you to play live on stage?
I live for those moments , it is my favourite part of being a musician . I love to give all on stage and make people forget the sometimes grim reality .
You have played as support act for Primal Fear which is one of Germany's most classic Metal Bands. What was it like to play in front of a True Metal crowd? And have you been accepted by the tour team?
I love metal-crowds , they are honest and loyal ! Primal Fear was great and everyone was cool and friendly . I like their music a lot !
Please describe your own audience!
Rockers , metal-heads , young , old, punk-rockers and all people who want to have fun !
What about about further live activities?
We are planning to do a tour in England and Europe probably in the spring 2011 and in the summer I have a festival gig at Hard Rock Hell Ibiza .
Is there a question left that you would like to answer? And what is the answer?
Yes! What is your inspiration in life ?
To follow my heart and to live passionately.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Germany. Best whishes to you. Any finishing words?
Thank you so much for the interview ! Metal and Metalglory Forever !
geführt am 08.12.2010   von Christian
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