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Dekadent "…woman As A Deity…"
Short “meeting” with Artur Felicijan (vocals & guitars) of Dekadent to talk about the great new album called: Venera: Trial & Tribulation!
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Hi Artur & Dekadent. How are you, you´re still “alive” and that’s fine. Howr are you, what´s up in Dekadent?
We're alive and breathing indeed. Right now we finished filming our new video for the song "Raided" taken from our latest album "Venera: Trial & Tribulation”. The album is about to be released just now, so a lot of things are happening.

You need more than three Years to create a new stuff, after the
amazing "Deliverance of the Fall"-concept Album, what are the reasons for this long “break”?
After "Deliverance …" we went on a short hiatus due to our family and work obligations. The line-up has changed completely which also took a lot of our time. I had most of the songs ready more than two years ago, but the whole issue with our record label delayed the release negotiations. Right now, Dekadent finally stands complete with a strong, competent and creative line-up and we are ready to bring new material and step on stage. (

We did not see you live on stage the last time, what´s going on, why
isn’t possible to see you? …any plans for the next time, to promote your
new album?

Dekadent is a very specific band with a specific background. It is very hard for us to make a big break and expose ourselves at a proper festival or gig. On the other hand we are quite demanding and do not want to perform just anywhere and with anybody. Thus we often perform at shows that are not really metal related. Right now we have some good connections abroad and for the next year we will focus on doing shows abroad, especially in German speaking countries, as majority of our fans come from there. It is the least we can do for them.

Let´s talk about the new stuff! I haven´t heard any kind of tracks, but I´m very exciting to listen the new stuff. What are the differences between "Deliverance..." and the new album -in your opinion-?
"Venera …" is definitely a more direct album, a bit fiercer and brutal. However, that typical style we're known for also stands out more than ever. You'll get a lot of dynamic songs and diverse feelings, all packed into aggressive Dekadent-style black metal. In my opinion, "Venera …" is the most Dekadent-sounding album so far. Although there are some songs that date to our first album "Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding", like "Raided", "Sunday's Lament", we've also included a lot of new songs that showcase a bit refreshed side Dekadent.

...and what are the reasons for these differences, this “most-Dekadent-sounding album”?
We wanted to showcase a bit of our technical side and the wide range of musicianship we are capable of. Also, we kind of wanted to represent ourselves more as a band, as a collective of four people that love to play this kind of music. Previous Dekadent albums were more or less my personal projects without any specific involvement of other members. With the new album I tried to write the songs in a way everybody will have some fun of it. Even though I recorded all the instruments (except drums), me and the guitarist Gajwasz share an equal amount of solos live. Hopefully, on our next album everybody will participate with their own arrangements and studio recording.

What is now the message of the new album in your opinion?
The new album speaks more or less about the relationship between man and a woman and about women as a supreme beings. Venera is the interoperation of a woman as a deity. The lyrics express my personal understanding about how, why and when do men yield under female reign. Some lyrics talk about love, others about hatred. Basically about everything we, as men, get to know when we are around women, ha ha!

Do you have any new ideas, concepts to show visual your new songs? Maybe like the movie on "The Deliverance of the Fall"? Any plans for some further stuff of "............." (like singles, video, DVD etc.)?
Actually, we just released a single called "Black Love", which is a very cool song that was not included on our latest album. It's a very typical, powerful Dekadent song which also includes some guest female vocals. In the meantime we also shot a new video for the song "Raided", which was taken from the new album. In comparison to "The Deliverance …" video, this one is far more direct and clean, while you can still draw direct parallels between them. We are very satisfied with the video and I am sure our fans will love it too.

How and why did you choose the album cover; is there a further meaning
behind it?
I made the cover myself. As a professional designer it is very important for me to bring every Dekadent listener the ultimate experience. I want the videos or layout design reflect the lyrics and overall atmosphere. I believe the cover suits the album title and it's lyrical philosophy quite well. It represents the goddess Venus or Venera as we call her in Slovenian language. She is a divine representation of all women with her beauty, her grace and also with her demonic side.

Are there some lyrics that are special to you? Tell us something about
All the lyrics are very close to me. While they might be read as simple and comprehensive, they are all indeed very personal and sincere. Some songs express joy and liberty, like "Thralldom Decree" or "Paramours in Vain", while most of them tell about intense emotional struggle. On many occasions I interpret my feelings in an indirect way, and I also represent certain subjects in a female role. For example, I often compare a woman to land or nature, or even a country. These lyrics tell a lot about me, about my emotional experiences and at times they express the political opintion

…and where do you get your inspirations from?
I mosty draw inspiration from daily matters and situations that I am involved in. Things like liberty of nature, emotional battles and political injustice always invoked a great deal of inspiration within me. Lately I had moved from romanticism towards realism a bit, so you can expect a bit fresher topic on our next album.

Please tell us something about the process of songwriting on the new
Basically, the songwriting process takes a really short time. It often happens that I wake up and have a great idea or melody in my head. On such occasion I normally just sit down and start recording. Before you know it, the song is finished. I remember doing most of Dekadent songs in such manner. Thus, the song is finished in one day or even sooner. Of course, there are important details that follow, but that is a step I normally take on final studio sessions.

(Please) Tell us in on short sentence: why we (the visitors of have to listen/buy your new album?
If you like somewhat odd black metal with serious and original approach, you will definitely love Dekadent. Our music combines good musicianship and profound sense of artistic expression, while we never try to sound to complicated or smart. Name that avant-garde or casual, we don't care. Anyhow, we are here to do music because we love to play it, not to make money. However, a few CDs sold wouldn't hurt, ha ha.

We are looking forward seeing you in Germany -LIVE on stage-. Best wishes to you all and good luck with the new album, any last words for this interview?
Thanks to our fans in Germany and thanks to for supporting the underground.

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