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Doomsword "Up The Horns!"
Deathmaster is calling his DoomSword Legions to enter “The Eternal Battle”. Metalglory sent out the heralds to gather and deliver the gospel of Epic Viking Metal. The DoomSword mastermind once again proves himself as an intelligent, literate and humble representative of his profession.
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Doomsword - Up The Horns!

Hi there. Congratulations to your great new album. It's been quite a while since "My Name Will Live On" came out. What kept you busy except for writing and recording new songs?
Hi, first of all let me thank you for the interview! To get back to your question: more and more music I suppose! I have many projects on the go so it's taking a lot of my time. I am currently working on Gjallarhorn, a solo project under the name Deathmaster (this is a kind of "obscure" and "evil" metal project), another project under the name Lightning Strykes (more classically 80s) and finally I am dedicating a lot of time to the next DoomSword album. Also I sang on the Fury'n'Grace album which should get published in the coming months.
Let's talk about your new CD. What are the differences between the last one and "The Eternal Battle" in your opinion?
MNWLO and TEB are two radically different albums. TEB is focused on the concept of the Eternal Battle as both the interior and physical conflict of Man. Therefore it is more tragic, more introspective and atmosphere is paramount. The musical approach is deeper, with experimentation on the harmony front and new sound solutions such as a more low profile, more interpreted style of singing. MNWLO was a very energetic album, it was a sort of come back for the band so we had a lot of emotions to vent, hence fast songs like Days of High Adventure or Steel of My Axe. It was also an album in which we wanted to show that playing epic metal doesn't necessarily mean that the music needs to be simplistic, so we showed off a bit of our technical abilities as well... you know, lengthy solos, fireworks at the drums, high pitched notes etc... I don't particularly like the "regressive" approach that some bands are adopting, I prefer a more skillful one.
My favorite is "Wrath Of The Gods". Can you tell us something about this song and it's history?
It's quite an autobiographical song. It's like a summary of the story of DoomSword, a story of infinite difficulties which we constantly overcome and keep on walking on our path. As we say at the end of the song, we're indomitable!
And what about "Soldier Of Fortune"?
Soldier of Fortune is the "Grabmal des unbekannten Soldaten" of metal. It's a song dedicated to all those soldiers forced by circumstances into fighting a war they had no business fighting because imposed by kings, presidents dictators etc. A soldier of fortune was a mercenary and a person who would get paid to fight as it was the only way to earn a living in certain periods of history. It's a tragic song whose lyrics made a difference in adding a particular atmosphere.
Please explain us some of the stories that you tell us on "The Eternal Battle"!
The album is not a concept in the sense that there is a story, but more that all the songs are somehow related to the central theme of the Eternal Battle. The "Eternal Battle" we are talking about is what – in our opinion – is the natural condition of Man. If you think about it, everybody has their own personal idea of happiness, and we all strive to achieve this longed happiness. Getting there is a constant struggle. You have to overcome physical and psychological obstacles, you have to make decisions, always being in two minds about what to do and how to do it. The reality is you're always battling some inner demon or the external world. And if you are so lucky that you achieve your goals, what happens to you? You realize the whole point was never the goal, but it was the "getting there", because before you can even realize it, you have new goals, new dreams. So there you are starting from scratch, or already engaged into some other journey. More psychological conflicts, more demons to defeat, more people to confront yourself with. And what is on an individual basis a confrontation between two people, translates into rivalry between communities, political parties or social classes, and actual wars between nations. Man is always battling something. The Eternal Battle is this condition, which we can never escape. Well, not until humanity grows into something spiritually and intellectually different, not necessarily better or superior. So in the album we explore this theme through different perspectives: two songs in particular, Warlife and Soldier of Fortune, are dedicated to those who gave their lives to fight battles they probably didn't even believe in, living a life which is practically marching to death. The song "Eternal Battle" takes inspiration from Norse mythology and shows how ancient cultures had the idea that they should fight all their life, they would wish to die fighting and what would the reward be? To get to fight eternally in the sky!
Varus Battle is a very important song for DoomSword as the historical consequences have their effect on the present day still: DoomSword hail from Lombardy which takes its name from the Northern Germany tribe of the Longobards who were a part of the confederation of tribes which fought the Romans in the Varus Battle. Had the Romans won the battle the North of Italy would not have been – in all probability – invaded and dominated by the Longobards (and other Germanic tribes beforehand such as the Goths) and our culture and language would probably be different.
As you can see in every song the theme of "battling" is very strong.
Please comment or complete the following statements to your new album:
1."The Eternal Battle" has a rather dark atmosphere. The song intensity, your vocal style and even the album cover have dark epic vibes.
Very true. The dark and introspective atmosphere of the album is the real peculiarity of TEB. In some ways it brings us back to the days of our 1999 debut, with that same medieval tragic atmosphere of songs like Warbringers or On The March.
2.Nevertheless, the album is even heavier than its predecessor.
Surely, such a tragic subject could only be reflected by heavy music.
3.The song that will rock most in live situations is
You have spent some years in playing Metal. What was your aim when you started making music? And have you achieved it?
Writing epic metal albums, and I think we definitely achieved that!
Is there anything you would do in a different way if you could start it all over again?
I'm not one for regretting things. The past is over and done with and I am happy with every part of it because it made me what I am today. Plus I think DoomSword were at the forefront of bringing classic heavy metal back on the scene in the late 90s, that makes us particularly happy with our career.
At the end of your career: Which statement would you like to read about you in the great history book of Heavy Metal?
Just being referenced in the same sentence together with Dark Quarterer and Adramelch as one of the greatest heavy metal bands from Italy would be enough.
As far as I now, a new Gjallahrorn album is planned as well. Correct? And if so: How long do we have do wait and what can we expect?
Can't give you expectations, but we are writing material right now so hopefully it will be really soon!
What is your opinion of the general situation in today's Heavy Metal?
The scene is good. I don't like that sales have gone down so dramatically, not because of a financial reason (we never made any money from music) but because underground bands are finding it more and more difficult to get signed by labels who aim at breaking even when they publish albums. It is a very unfortunate situation which needs to be changed or the scene will suffer greatly from it. I know for a fact that smaller labels are now asking bands to pay for the recording, or help out with costs, that's not a good sign.
Please tell us something about further Live activities.
One gig: Hammer of Doom VI. Don't miss it!!
Is there a question left that you would like to answer? And what is the answer?
Is it true that DoomSword now have the best line up and are ready to release another countless number of albums? Hell yeah.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Germany. Best wishes to you all. Any finishing words?
Thanks a lot for the interesting interview, Metalglory always treated DoomSword very well and we are very grateful for that! Up the horns!

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