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Bloodshed Walhalla "Epic Viking Tunes And Tales"
The almighty Doomsword are not the only Epiv Viking Metal export of Italy. Bloodshed Walhalla is called the one-man-project of mastermind Drakhen who wields a Quorthon blade across the current Metal scene like a once forgotten God of ancient epic tales. Ceck out our email interview with this stronglydevoted musician.
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Bloodshed Walhalla The Legends Of A Viking
Bloodshed Walhalla - Epic Viking Tunes And Tales

Hi there. Congratulations to your great new album. Please describe the reactions to the CD so far.
First of all greetings all and thanks for the interview and for the opportunity you guys give me to let the people know about the "bloodshed walhalla". Things are going on very well by every point of view, for me the most important thing is "the legend of a viking " becoming true! I never thought so many people could ever talk about us so good . Soon the odiens let my project go on with approvement and so many good words for us!
Some of our readers may never have heard about you. Please give us a short briefing in your biography.
Ok i'm gonna be quick! the BW birth by my mind as i love metal music since i was a little boy. At the beginning the idea was to make a Bathory cover band that i never realized for too many reasons . by the way i've always go on singing n writing songs. In the 2008 we made the first demo cd with 4 tracks in italian . For me good songs but badly recorded! In the 2009 the second demo cd was out but due to the FOG FOUNDATION that always believed on me, there was finally a breakthrough. They are very nice guys and i've been really lucky i met them. Well on the 2010 "the legend of a viking" was our demo cd, and due to the ASYLUM RECORDS and SALUTE RECORDS my band had finally what it deserve making it a real debut album well reviewed and distributed in many country of the world(smiling proudly of it)
Let's talk about your new CD. What are the differences between "The Legends Of A Viking" and your first demos in your opinion?
Well there are so many differences based on the experiences accumulated over time . mine is a one-man-band and till now we afford too many difficulties so since the first demo till now there have been improvements since the creation of the songs to sound that initially was really uncontrollable .
My favourite is "Warriors Of The Northern". Can you tell us something about this song and it's history?
I really appreciate you like that song 'couse it's my favourite one too and i gotta say i'm very happy that finally "Warriors Of The Northern" took the good sound of a nice viking epical song. yes a cool track! The story is about a young warrior who doesn't find his way back home that can lead him back to his parents after a long time battle . He's gonna find himself wandering in the forests for the rest of his life in hopes of finding the path lost and only near to death a woman appers in his mind that became light and carries him through the skyes in the majestics of Odin.
And what about the opener "Son Of The War"?
"Son Of The War" is the first song of the album and tales about the descent into war, the god of thunder Thor son of Odin against the giant of the mountains . He is acclamed by the suffering people while he was flying on is car trained by 2 goats , and the roar of his mighty hammer is so devastating that it is heard in his anger get the absolute.
How and why did you choose the album cover?
The cover is really a wonderful paint of Andrè Kosslick that named his art work"the giants build walhalla". I'm really into art so going around on the net i found this very nice job and according with the FOG FOUNDATION's guys we contacted him . He's been so nice and kind giving us his paint for our cd! I'm sure if you see the cd's cover you know what i'm talking about !!!
Tell us something about the lyrics, please!
When i compose a song i try to wonder the place where the action is gonna happen, characters and what kind of tale i will sing about. from the beginning i already know if i will tell about a real story a tale or about a mythological God. So for my music and by my point of view the rhymes are the most important thing in a song. By the way if you try to wonder the places and the all story n a little of your feelings. the mix is perfect! And if you are good to let people feel what you are feeling everything is great. I read a lot about the northern mythology by the way the fantasy world has always interested me , and if you're good to let your fans understand the real meaning of your song it's really nice 'cause they can hide the real life problems,and what this fucking shit world with its oil and the politics are ruining ,even just for a while.
How would you describe your music and what are your musical influences in your opinion?
BW are going to play for long time viking metal n just the world let everyone understand what we are talking about both in sounds and lyrics. This is all for recreate that wonderful and ingenious kind of song that bathory created and unfortunately stopped. After Thomas Forsberg (alias Quorthon) passed by i wanted to recreate that kind of swedish band (at least for the viking sounds) and then give a glimmer of hope to millions of fans like me, you can listen to that kind of musicality and themes that have done so much in love.This is my inspiration and I am really proud
What makes the difference between Bloodshed Walhalla and other Epic Viking Metal acts?
Well...i think there aren't any differenceseven if every band should have its history and its prestige small or big doesn't care . Shortly viking metal is is characterized by a combative spirit and epic and a mix between nature and music that should never be missed . honestly our songs r not really perfect but by my point of view dont have nothing to envy as ideas at the biggest and famous bands. listen to believe!
At the end of all days: Which statement would you like to read about you in the great history book of Heavy Metal?
BW dont look forward to the future 'cause none can anticipate it but if i must say i think everyone must keep feet on the ground and that is why i don't wanna illude myself . Till now i'm very proud about how things are going and how fans are giving me the strenght to go on and if someone will write something good about my band i will only be really proud and satisfied.
Please name some lately released CDs that you like to listen to at home.
I don't listen so much contemporary metal music...unfortunately and i'm so sorry about that,however going back at past , the album i enjoyied the most in 2007 was manowar's "gods of war"
What is your opinion of the general situation in today's Heavy Metal?
As i just said i'm not so much into new metal's music by the way i can say metal bands have increased enormously if you just chill around on the social networks, but not only, for realizing . Is impressive but positive if you just like what you do and advertise yourself to the rest of the world .
Do you have any plans for bringing your music to the stage and to live situations?
It would be not easy for BW playing live 'cause mine is a one-man-band and as you all can imagine conditions are really extreme but ....who knows!!!
Is there a question left that you would like to answer? And what is the answer?
none till now ever asked me how the name of mine band is born. The word bloodshed comes first .in fact at the beginning our name was just "bloodshed" but someone told me there are too many bands with that name so i needed a name after bloodshed. I got the idea after the recording of our first album named walhalla Both words sounds good maybe not so easy for that people who dont like nordic mithology. So that way BW sounded original unique to the world really not easy nowaday that we have too many bands
We are looking forward to your next steps. Best whishes to you. Any finishing words?
I thank you guys so much. BW are always on studio. I think at the end of summer we are going to put out a new demo with some new songs i hope will be part of our second album we did talk about it with the Fog Foundation and first opinions were very good .congratulation guys for your wonderful job and thanks because u give an opportunity to all those bands like BW giving them a chance to have their say- See you soon Drakhen
geführt am 21.06.2011   von Christian
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