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Stillborn "Extreme Metal - Not For Everyone!"
The Polish Death metal band Stillborn released these days, her fourth album and many a death metal fans should have done so happily. Ataman ( bass ) was so free to tell me a little about the band, the album, the metal scene and their idols from the 80s.

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Stillborn - Extreme Metal - Not For Everyone!

Hi there. Some of our readers may never have heard about you. Please give us a short briefing in the band's biography.

Hello. Well, then, I shall have to take You back with me, a not very long way in time... It was 1997th year of the politically correct measure of time, as Killer and Gopher founded the band. We recorded fourth full-lengths, some other stuff also, these informations are easy to found if one want to. I was join the band over five years ago and I participated in last three albums. The nowadays indepth analysis showed, that if I joined the group earlier we could live no longer.

What are your musical influences and who or what you inspired for the songwriting?

I think Thrash and Heavy Metal. We listen much to this music. Then we make something similar but in our vein. For me personally, the great inspiration is the Stillborn itself.

I congratulate to your good new album. Please describe the reactions to the CD so far.

Thanks. I’ve got two favorite reviews. Let me quote. “Let me tell you that it sounds like fucken shit, it does. A lot of this is to blame on the production, which is most likely made by Francis F. Crappola. And it’s certainly not helping that the riffs are fucken poor, the vocals are über-shitty and everything else on here walks the same path.”. In the second one, journalist survived just four tracks, I think. It explains why we put on the album the inscription: “not for cunts who are listening to metal”.

I have described your music as raw and straightforward. How would you describe your own music?

Metal, Extreme Metal. It should be enough.

What are the differences between "Los Asesinos Del Sur" and the previous album in your opinion? What are the reasons for these differences?

The devil is in the details, the difference is among the living. EREE is a very good album. It could be as delicious as “Asesinos”. Because of the people this subtle difference arose.

What does "Los Asesinos Del Sur" and the title has a specific message for the listener? Or let allow them a free interpretation?

Multidimensionality was enchanted in this simple title. There is reference, homage, metaphor and more, just next to the vulgar direct meaning. But everyone can see anything they want.

My favorite song is "Blood and Dust". Can you tell us something about this song and its history, and which one is your favorite song from the album and why?

It’s favorite for my wife too. On this album individual songs have their roles, their own lives. This number is one of more branded songs than others. But it hasn’t some special story. It was born in very natural way; originally it had to be an instrumental piece. Therefore it has such a structure. But we couldn't hold tongues in our bigmouths. However, my favorite is the title song. I wrote the majority of the music in 1990. The hell waited, lurking beneath the sea.

On your last album "Esta Rebelion It Eterna" you had a little more melody and speed. What are the reasons for that on "Los Asesinos Del Sur" again go take something back?

Because it is one step ahead and thousands back. The personal situation enabled us to find what has been lost through the years, with no strings attached. Of course the concept of previous album was completely different. There were classic covers played in our vein facing our tracks played in classic vein. It caused that songs seem to be more melodious. We still play fast; here are some powerful, enough interesting slowdowns that possess the attention of the listener. Hence the impression of the slowing of the entire music.

What about the recording process of your new album? Are any stories or curiosities to report?

Sorry, but there was nothing special. Contrary to popular belief, we get focus on what we have to do. We recorded this album in thirty hours. Time is very expensive, not in the financial context.

How do you create your sound? Which equipment do you use?

We turn on amps, pickups and if we don't like it we turn knobs again. If we like it, it usually seems to be no drums at all, so we start again. When all seems to be right at last, but unfortunately we play live, sound engineer does hate it. This is our sound. I don’t understand people who care about our equipment, but if they really want to know, voila. Our sound is created on Randall and Peavey amps, August murders Mapex’ Saturn kit.

Please tell us something about the process of songwriting at "Los Asesinos Del Sur".

As usually it was very natural process. In the case of this album, all songs have been written by Killer and me. Each of us wrote songs entirely then the band did work upon the arrangements. On rehearsals under the composer’s baton. Perhaps it was a whip.

The Polish underground scene is known to be quite strong. How your relationship with the fans and what is you think why the underground scene so strong in Poland is?

We don't chat with our fans on internet forums but we drink vodka with them willingly, as often as possible. The stage is so strong as the people. But the stage is also like their mentality and the upbringing. So, here we are dealing with the envious catholic clique wearing plumes borrowed from a devil. With some exceptions confirming the rule.

What is your basic opinion to the Polish and international metal scene? How is it special with the neighbor from Germany?

It’s simply but complicated. World is changing in a geometric progression. Man can create everything for his, not forcing to think, comfortable numb. Including a music band. There’s only need to invest a sufficient amount of money into production and marketing. The mechanism concerning the disco before is being proved in metal now. Other thing is appalling quantity of bands having no artistic value. There was a time when only these bands were surviving who could take attention with their charisma, skills and exciting sound. Nowadays, the easiness and accessibility to the production, forging records with it, help breeding bands which members should go home and calmly expect to their place in the ground.
I was paid attention to the German scene from I started with it all. For me and my close fellows it was better than American one for example. Sodom, Kreator, Assassin, Protector, Necronomicon, Exumer, Living Death, Risk or Tankard, they were our idols. Many of them played in Poland in late eighties and then I saw them. Today I can’t count any name. Sorry, Desaster – great band.

How important is it for you to play live on stage?

I think it isn't important for us if it is supposed to be tool of the promotion. Casual people aren't coming to our concerts rather. The gig must be a feast; we are giving our all, the same we expect in exchange.

How important is the opinion the fans and what can the fans expect when your plays live on stage?

“These people are wild, warlike and still very avid of the glory and memory. Four of them fought with forty enemies, encouraged with the only hope and the awareness that after their death and extermination compatriots will be glorifying them with songs about their bravery.”

Please tell us something about further live activities. Can we you seen soon in Germany?

We play not often, but very intensive. There are no plans for any performances at the moment.

Is there something that you have never been asked but always have been eager to say?

Not. The Sound-Word-Image speaks in our behalf. There are the answers to every never asked question.

Thanks for your time to answer at the Questions; I wish you all the best for the future.

stay metal


Thanks for the interview. I’ll stay, be sure.

Ataman Tolovy, Tarnów, 23.IX.2011

Band's line-up:

Killer - guitars, vocals
ataman Tolovy - bass guitar, backing vocals
August - drums
Rzulty – guitars


Mirrormaze – demo’99
Die in Torment 666 – demo’01
Death Monsters – split CD’04 (with Azarath) Time Before Time Records
Announcement of Forthcoming Desecration – promo’04
Satanas El Grande – CD`04 Pagan Records
Manifiesto De Blasfemia – CD’07 Pagan Records
Esta Rebelión Es Eterna – CD’08 Dissonance Records
Los Asesinos del Sur – CD’10 Ataman Productions / Pagan Records

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