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The Embodied "Over Tears Of Happiness, The Struggle With The Business And The Inspiration Through The Society."
After quite successful The Embodied release of same named album guitarist Jonathan Mortensen stand me available for an interview. He talked in detail about the band, their influences, the fun, but also about the obstacles and difficulties business so entails.
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The Embodied The Embodied
The Embodied - Over Tears Of Happiness, The Struggle With The Business And The Inspiration Through The Society.

Hi, I ‘m Thomas of . I hope you doing well!

Hi Thomas, Jon here from The Embodied! Hell Yeah we're doing fuckin great! Hope you and all others coming in contact with us also have a great year!

Reports to our users about the origins of the band as you found you and what you have to make moves to music.

The roots of The Embodied lies in a lack of that perfect style of music, to at least us that is. We wanted to combine the NWSHM with the Swedish Melodic Death and had to take some time to get there. In 2006 me and Chris restarted our efforts with a band as we had played together before but mostly for fun. We still do play for fun but nowadays it's more serious fun. We had played together with Agust before so he tagged along together with us to begin the foundation of the band. Marcus also came in to the picture quite early and we had a drummer who later was fired/left the band. We had both successes and setbacks but finally agreed on the fact that we had to work a bit harder for the band. Axel joined in 2008 and we started to reform the sound and image of us to something a bit better and heavier. We had a great deal of gigs and people started to talk about us. There is really nothing mythical or crazy about our origins. We are five guys who like what we do and we do it good. Metal is an answer to much of the need to release ones feelings, something that has become something of a brand for us. But along side some of the bands we've played with (Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth etc) we are a product of north european society.

You released your self-titled album a few months ago. How are the reactions of fans and press for this so far?

It's amazing, we have received so many great reviews and likes the last couple of months. We are stumped, simply put. It's nice that something you create can spur so much reactions all over the world. People from Taiwan, America, Australia, Russia are sending us cheers for the album! But fact is that it is more a milestone in our own lives. To create something like this overwhelms you with feelings. The first time I heard the full album I actually cried out of happiness. I hope I do that for the next album as well. There are both great but also some reviews that hate the album. We are convinced that is better than having a medium all through the reactions. If people hate us: Good! If people Love us: Great! The thing is we are still trying to reach out to the world and get even more fans as we know our thing would suit many others! And we have some help being from Sweden. The reputation of Swedish metal is both something helpful but also an opportunity to meet the high standard here.

The music of the album is a modern mix of classic Heavy Metal with much melody and a trace Sweden steel. Who gives you the inspiration to do the same and not otherwise? Are there any artists or are is just generally the different genres?

We lacked something in what has been the main frame of Metal for the last couple of years. We all grew up with the classic Metal groups so you could argue that we've taken a bit of this and that and put it together. But that's not really the case. Mostly I get inspired from events in society, like now with the crisis going on in Europe. We write stuff through the element of Metal as it suits us more than other genres. We have an idea of how we want that stuff to sound, probably mostly influenced as said before, through our nationality and upbringing. Even though most bands coming from Sweden are in some way famous, the venues here are hard to get in on. If you're not In Flames or some other hybrid Metal band who's been on tour for 10 years or more, it's a real struggle. That also reflects in the music.
The sound mostly derives from me being into a lot of different genres but prefer Thrash when it comes to metal. Chris is the more Death Metal part of the band. Agust loves 70's rock groups and has a foot in power metal. Axel likes the technical stuff as Meshuggah and Symphony X. Marcus comes from a classic hardcore scene but has merged that with speed and power metal. All this and the combination of some classic metal groups as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Sabbath, Judas Priest and more, has created somewhat the sound we use today. We are not afraid of doing things we like but we won't change sound for every album we release unless we deem it necessary.

Your music is relatively independent. Is it difficult to create in the mass of bands its own style, or is it not avoids similarities to other artists to have in the music?

We believe that unless you're a cover band, you're always in some ways original because of the fact that it is you. We don't mind being called on similarities with In Flames, Soilwork or other groups from Sweden, that'll only make us proud. We actually never went for the complete "wow! here's a new genre" more than we wanted to make good metal music. We've been called a lot of things. Some idiot even compared us to Guns n Roses hahaha. But no, we like Metal. The labels on us will be for others to judge. I for one just wanna make people bang their heads when they hear us!
The problem today is not that the quality of bands are so high, it's usually that there are too many bands. As you say, many great-to-be-bands may have been lost in the amount of shit or other great bands. I really hope that doesn't happen to us, but you never know. We won't go down without a fight at least!

Tell me something over the history the making of the album. How is your approach to writing songs?

Well, when we reformed the band in 2008 we had been working on some ideas that needed a heavier sound. Thanks to Axel we went a long way towards our goal but we thought that we needed a producer that understood us as well. So Chris looked around for recording studios and tried to get a picture of what sounds they were fluent in and it finally became so that we picked Andy LaRocque's Sonic Train Studios. We spoke with Andy a long time before even recording to ensure ourselves that we all knew where we were going. He understood us just perfectly! So we recorded the first 4 songs that are on Chapter One (As I Speak, Dead Man Walkin', Flawless and Light Up The Storm). Later when we got in contact with Pure Steel Records we sat down and began writing material as much as we could. I thought we were on a tight schedule and probably could've used more time but it felt solid. In 2010 we went back into Sonic Train and recorded the rest of the songs. We didn't have that much money so we had to be very very prepared for each thing that had to be done. A couple of weekends and the album was complete. Next time we'll probably be a longer time in the studio to avoid that much stress. We just need to keep up the songwriting. We write for ourselves, not to please others.

Where do you take the material for your lyrics? Take you subjects from the reality, or told you fictional stories?

A bit of both actually, we try to tell moral dilemmas through metaphors and literal depiction. Mostly the lyrics are about the inner struggle between good and evil and how the two are confusing today. Marcus usually learns about something or we have a discussion about a subject that he later recalls when he needs a subject for a song. The same I believe applies to all of us. When we write it is because we need to express our minds or feelings on a topic. The Embodied is also about what the listener thinks. If you find some meaning, that is the right thing.

Sweden is known especially for Death and melodic Death Metal. Have it bands difficult in Sweden outside these genres or does not matter?

When you do something as The Embodied does, it is easy to be called a lame metal band even though we wouldn't say that ourselves and also probably could beat the shit out of most of the fuckers calling us lame. I don't care. We certainly don't care about someone telling us we're not "true" because we won't follow in the same direction as most metal bands in Sweden. I love the Swedish bands as Screamer and Enforcer or Bullet who has gone the complete other way of the darker side of Swedes. The Embodied is mid-field. We play heavy metal...
But, as you say... it's hard. There is almost no beating the sinister swamp death sound! But I like that too. The Melodic Death though has probably been fucked in the ass or something as it is in complete disarray. No one is really sure what is or is not Melodic Death here anymore. There are a couple of bands I have my eyes on for now who are bringing it back to its roots. I like the roots. But we had a couple of years of shitty Glam Sleaze wannabes (though some did a good job) and now the NU Metal bands are too many. We are dormant, waiting to slit their throats! haha Sweden equals Metal.

Going out from their website you could not often your album present live on stage. How are the plans in this regard and what can expect the fans?

Haha so you noticed that? Well, our drummer is responsible for updates of the page and his computer died a couple of weeks back... even our video disappeared along with other artwork. We'll be on our feet soon enough. So I can tell you how things are going otherwise.
As we have to survive, most guys in the band have family, we need to work and all that shit too. But we're getting by pretty well doing a couple of gigs here and there. Right now we're planning on some tours around Europe but will begin playing more in Scandinavia at first. Also we are looking for some booking agencies to begin work with us. So if there are anyone out there reading this, let us know if you're interested!
We're in the process as well writing songs for the next album. It will be a bit darker I think, but we'll keep the melodic and thrashy riffs together with the classic metal and death influences.

How does a show with you? How are nervous you before begin the show and what you make against that? Have you always the same ritual, or is it different every time?

In the beginning of the band we drank a lot... really a lot! But now we know that it doesn't rhyme with what we do. We need to stay focused. The Embodied will not let fans come to see a show and just rip them off by being drunk on stage. We owe more than that to the fans. If you wanna be in it with the big boys, don't be drunk on stage. But we'll still have a couple of beers before but keep the partying until after the show. It's all about being as professional as possible. That's us, that's The Embodied.
As for the rituals, we're keeping that as a secret for now... maybe in the future you'll know.

Where and when can we see you in next time? Give it already concrete plans?

In Sweden we have dates for March-May fixed and England will be in late May. We where supposed to go to Holland in April but it didn't work. Our singer is getting married in July and Chris is having his second child in June so we are careful booking shows in those two months. We'll probably hit Germany, Hungary, and neighboring countries from August-November just before we get back into the studio. As I said before, we're dealing with some booking agencies to help us. Contacts are very important.

Do you already have stuff for the second album or enjoy you once still the success of "The Embodied"?

Haha I don't know if I can tell you that or not? But what the hell! Yeah, we have started working on songs and ideas for the next album as I said before, we are a long way from recording and want a better album than the one we first released. We need to do better! And I know we can! We will make sure that the fans can follow the progress on our homepage, facebook and other sites.

Tell me which music you listen in metal and outside this if you’re at home. Which albums are you all-time favorites and which in the presence?

We all love the classics as Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden - Number of The Beast, Metallica - Kill 'em All, Pantera - Far Beyond Driven. But we are so different there that it would take a book to describe what we like and don't like. I for one love every form of metal except NU metal which I believe is too whiny. Otherwise outside of metal I prefer old scholl blues and bands from the psycadelic rock. I think I speak for the whole band when I say that we all could agree that a good song is a good song.

What is your counterpart to the Music? Which things are you doing outside the band?

Hmm well I'm a classical trained guitarist so I enjoy playing some Fernando Sor and stuff like that sometimes. Otherwise we don't do nothing except the occasional cover gig now and then with other friends.

Thank you for the time to answers at the questions. The last words are you!

No problems at all my friend! I hope we can speak again soon! Take care and Stay Metal!
For those of you who are reading this and not yet have heard the album, download and listen... if you like it, buy it. If you don't like it... just delete it. Keep your heads high! Horns Up!

Lots of love
Jon - The Embodied

Thanks a lot! I wish you all the best for the future and continued success with your music!

stay metal


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Relatively Fade (Demo) – 2006
Chapter 1 (Single) – 2008
The Embodied – 2011

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