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Stratovarius "Rückblick Und Zukunftspläne"
STRATOVARIUS have just released their new live DVD/CD "Under flaming winter skies". The documentary tells us about the years with Jörg Michael and is nothing less than a great "goodbye and thank you" to one of the best drummers in the band`s history. Let`s hear what STRATOVARIUS tell us about the farewell tour and their plans in future.
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Hey Guys! Congratulations for the new Live-DVD! Please tell us about the last gigs with Jörg Michael.
They were nice and heartwarming gigs, a good time to remember the good times with jörg. Great audiences and im sure Jörg appreciated it.

. “Live in Tampere” was one of the last shows with Jörg Michael. He became an important part of the band. How did the band react to Jörg`s decision?
He had been talking about leaving the band, so it was not a complete surprise. I think when someone makes a decision like that, you just need to respect it, and concentrate on the future of the band.

Since March 2012 you are searching for a new drummer. Any good news, yet?
Yes. We have hired a new drummer Rolf Pilve. Last week we played the first four gigs with him and now it is clear he was the right choice for Stratovarius. He is a great dummer and a person and can help Stratovarius to rise to new heights. The band is very excitedly looking towards a new era in Stratovarius, again.

It isn`t the first time that there are changes in the band. When Timo Tolkki left the band, STRATOVARIUS split up for a while. What does change mean to you and the development of a band?
Like Matias Kupiainen brought new blood and attitude into the band, so will Rolf Pilve. When an old classic member leaves the band we try not to look someone to replace him. Both Tolkki and Michael are not replaceable. We try to look for fresh new talents who can take the band to new heights. We always respect our past as well as look forward.

On the DVD, we get a great impression of the early years of STRATOVARIUS. What do you think when you remember these times in the 90`s? What is different now?
I was not present in the 90's so i can't really say. But surely the times have changed. As they always do.

So what are your plans in 2012? Any gigs or new releases?
After summer festivals we start recording the new Stratovarius album. Which we can hopefully release early 2013.

On the live DVD we see a special cover version of The Who`s song “Behind Blue Eyes.” What does this song mean to you and why did you choose it for the live performance?
Kotipelto had been singing this song for a while on acoustic gigs and we wanted to add some special songs to the Jörgi farewell DVD so we decided to put it in there as well. It is a sort of jam version. Personally i like it a lot. I nice little memory from the shows.

Thanks a lot for your time – any last words or the readers of
Stay heavy and wait for an amazing new Stratovarius album and tour in 2013 !!

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