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Hell United "...a Trap For "idiots" And The Art To Read Between The Lines"
Not so long ago I have described the new album of the polish death metallers Hell United. Now me stood Rzulty(guitars) question and answer and talked about the band and their music. What he had to say you can read here...
Weitere Infos zu Hell United:
Hell United Aura Damage
Hell United - ...a Trap For "idiots" And The Art To Read Between The Lines

You are a band the still relatively unknown. Say us please a little more about the Band!

Hell United has come into existence in 1997 and then was named Eclypse, in the composition of Void - guitars, vocals, Rzulty - guitars, Bartollo - bass and Dügy - drums. In 1999 the band recorded the never released album 'The Human Abstract', from which two songs in 2000 came to light as a demo 'Omen'. After the change in composition in 2004 the formation due to seems Redrum666 issue the album 'Applause: JHVH Elohim Met' with a brand new tracks, very well-received by fans and the press. The following years, in addition to numerous concerts brought a lot of personal problems, and in result the reorganization and change the name to Hell United. Reborn from the ashes the band was working on new material, resulting in 2007 in the circulation occurs demo 'Extra-Strength Of The Obscure' (Gorification Musix), and after a year full-length 'HornoKracy' (Lilith Prod.). Hell United promoted album, among two others editions of United Death Armageddon tour in 2008 and 2009 in the company MasseMord, Blaze Of Perdition or Mord'A'Stigmata and recorded material for their mini album, which was published in two editions: a cassette as 'The Third Sigil of Destruction' (Maltkross Prod ., 2009) and recorded under the title 'Abhorrence Majesty' (Butchered Rec., 2011). The first half of 2012 is marked by concerts at the side of Ulcerate, Furia and Intestinal and work on newest album 'Aura Damage'.

What kind of music is your influence for your Music and what have they inspired to play Death Metal?

Our music originates in a straight line from the classics of death/black metal. Bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Immolation, Mayhem, Samael, Bathory are our foundation. These bands unite us. Everything else divides us what makes that music more personal and engaging.

We come now to your album “Aura Damage”. The Album has got good critics. How satisfied are you self with this work?

We worked on this album for over a year, so it is natural that we take it emotionally. It's the best thing we can do at the moment of writing new songs. I'm glad that people appreciate it. On the other hand, we take it "cold" and we appreciate the constructive criticism.

What is the theme on this album?

The theme of the album is to get rid of illusions, because only then you can sees the true nature of things, and you can focus on what is really important.

I have described your music as uncompromising death with a trace of black metal. How would you describe your own music?

Hell United is a death metal band. The influences of black metal heard on "Aura Damage" are due from the fact that we adore this kind of music and we can’t resist it.

What are the differences between "Aura Damage" and the previous album in your opinion? What are the reasons for these differences?

This new album is more multi-dimensional and organic than the previous materials. Its literal meaning is a trap which idiots fall into and wouldn’t capable of associating with it, reading between the lines. Thus I love this musical material.

My favorite song is "Hinterland". Can you tell us something about this song and its history, and which one is your favorite song from the album and why?

"Hinterland" is really an experiment and the whole idea of our bassist Bartoll. A piece in its final form was actually arise in the studio during the recording, and work out fucking ace, so we put it on the album. At the present moment my favorite number is "Apostle of plague"!

How do you create your sound? Which equipment do you use?

We've been playing long enough to know how we want to sound. This is a fundamental issue when you choosing a recording studio, producer and finally equipment and instruments. For recording, we used Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, Marshall JCM 900, Ampeg amplifiers, Dean Razorback guitar and Gibson Flying V, and of course some awesome drums, but forgive me I can’t remember the model.

When can we see you live on stage here in Germany?

I don’t know. I hope we will play next year. We start the concerts in spring, so then I could say something more.

What is your plan for the future? Are you working already at new material and can we look forward to a new album?

For now, we focus on the promotion of "Aura Damage ". The concerts begin next year. New material crystallized slowly, but now I know one thing - the album will kill!

At the end of the interview times a different question. Give me your 5 favorite album on this year and say me why!

Ok. Revenge because I like this playing, the last Marduk - because I am indiscriminate in relation with them; Furia – I have recently convinced to play like this and so I suit me fine; Resurgency "False Enlightenment" - I didn’t know them and they were able to crush me, and finally Dead Can Dance "Anastasis" ... in this case comment is redundant.

Last but not least, say any words too our users!

Greetings to all death metal maniacs from Germany. Together we fucking everything! Listen to "Aura Damage" and destroy at will! Rzulty

Thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best for the future!

stay metal

Hell United im www:

(nur Alben)

Applause: JHVH Elohim Met - 2004(als Eclypse)
Hornokracy - 2008
Aura Damage - 2012

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