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Funeral "About Oratorium"
--- Das Interview hat Lutz de P. mit FUNERAL per E-Mail geführt. --- Das deutsche Label für qualitativ hochwertige Doom Metal Bands GRAU hat im November letzten Jahres mit FUNERAL und dessen Release “Oratorium”, sicherlich für manch freudige Augen und Ohren gesorgt. Die Norweger FUNERAL gehören zu den Dienstältesten der Doom Metal Szene. Grund genug Schlagzeuger und Ur-Mitglied Anders Eek ein paar Fragen zu stellen.
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Funeral From These Wounds
Funeral Oratorium
Funeral - About Oratorium

Hi there. First of all: Congratulations to your great new album “Oratorium” I really like it!!! Please describe the reactions to the CD so far. As I read in different online-Zines, the Album pointed really well.
Thanx a lot for your kind words..Yes, the feedback is overwhelming to say at least, and really makes me humble. It seems like especially the German media really grows fond of the album..Its a pity the album does not have distribution in Norway, though..

Some of our readers may never have heard about Funeral. Can`t believe the DOOMERS do, but maybe there are some other guys. Please give us a short (not that easy I know ;-)) briefing in the band's biography.
Puh,this is too much to answer..I suggest the readers visit our website:

For me the new album is very bombastic and has a powerful production. Was there any plan or a vision how the album should sound? Or is it more a process, where the result isn`t that clear before? I asked this, because I really think, that the old releases of FUNERAL have a special Vibe. As example “To mourn is a virtue” or “Tragedies”. I miss that “Old-school”-sound on “Oratorium”a little bit.
Lets say we learn from our previous mistakes, and really aim to top our earlier records, so I would definitely say it was a plan both production and orchestration-wise. I wanted to top As the light does the shadow in all aspects,really. Regarding the “old-school” vibe, you will find what you seek, I believe, but I really don’t want to spend too much time concentrating on the past. I constantly aim to look forward, and I am not interested doing the same record twice.

Every Release is a Jewel and a little pleasure, cause there are so many Line-Up Changes and different singers. In the early days you had female singers. In that time, this was very special, but it became a big scene to have a female fronted Band like The Gathering or Within Temptation. Why didn`t you focused on that?
I grew tired of it, plain and simple..It was just another step for the band, trying out different ideas..At the time I was very much into classical opera, and wanted to try it out in the band.. It was also quite a challenge to have female singers in a doom band, as they always wanted to do something else, and never stayed..I remember we had discussions every time we would recruit a singer, some of the guys wanted a male singer, Einar and me went for a female singer, eventually I took to my sences too..hehe..

FUNERAL has always get very good reactions in the press. The albums are full of true emotions and grief and they are soooo unique. FUNERAL is much better than many other bands in that genre. I really think you have to be much more popular. What do you think are the reasons of less success?
hehehe..Totally agree;) No really, I don’t know..We have though been unlucky both with the line-up and some record labels, this in turn made it difficult to tour, so that could be the answer. But honestly I really don’t know..And because of the abovementioned issues we could not get our albums out as quickly as I wanted, so maybe the years between the album is the answer? It should be said though, that or music is not for the masses anyway, I am really just happy to be able to get our albums released and financed, which has become a task in todays music-industry..

Grau is a very good label for Doom Metal and Tom is a really good guy and a 100% Doom-maniac. He has a good distribution, not only in Europe. Are you happy to find this new home?
Yes! We are very satisfied wih Grau and Tom. He is a true idealist, and basically a fan of the band, and just a pleasure working with, really. Just wished he could expand his distro a bit, also to include Norway for instance.

What about the recording process in general? How long did it take? Are there any stories or curiosities to report? What about a Studio report on youtube? As I read in other Interviews, you mentioned that you filmed your time in the Academy studios. Will we see it on a Bonus- DVD someday, he he?
It was a task, allright..Our previous singer decided to leave in the midst of the recording, which in turn forced us to find both a new singer and a bassplayer, so it took a while. We could have released the albums 2 years ago, actually, but it would not be as good as this one featuring the new line-up!
We did not film this time, just took some photos here and there..A studio report would be cool but a bit difficult, as we used several studios and did a lot of the work individually..
Yes, we filmed back in 1996, and I hope some day this will appear on some bonus disc some time..A hell of a cool time in the history of the band, allright.

Please name some lately released CDs that you like to listen to at home.
It’s a record called “Røtter” by the Norwegian band Bergtatt. It’s a folk rock band which I am actually going to join on drums. Besides this I have kick on Mayhem these days(which I am also a collector of).I rarely listen to new music, but the latest dead can Dance should also be mentioned.

Let us have a little view in the future. Are there any goals or plans in the future for FUNERAL?
Just talked to Tom about the release of a limited handnumbered 7” vinyl. This will contain old demo-recordings(alternate versions) of a couple of classic Funeral songs, with our new singer Sindre recording new vocals. We have also started on the orchestration on the upcoming album( all guitars and drums are recorded),hopefully this new album will be ready for release this year.
Besides this we are in discussions with several promoters for tours and gigs..

We are looking forward seeing you in Germany. Best wishes to you all. Any last words?
Thanx a lot for your support. We would love to play in Germany, so many german fans have asked us..time will tell.. -Eek

--- Das Interview hat Lutz de P. mit FUNERAL per E-Mail geführt. – - - Quelle der Pics: /

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