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Ocean Mind "Stoner Rock Is Marching On!"
The worldwide following on vintage-sounds is big at the moment. But not all bands 'must' come from the nothern lands. Best example is OCEAN MIND from Greece. The debut-album '2 ready 2 live' is out now since a few months, the right time to contact the guys to ask some questions about the album and plans for the future! Lets get it on!
Weitere Infos zu Ocean Mind:
Ocean Mind 2 Ready 2 Live
Ocean Mind - Stoner Rock Is Marching On!

Hi Guys! At first congratulations to the damn fine album ‘2 ready 2 Live’. I think that only few metal heads know who or what OCEAN MIND is. So give us a small background of yourself and your band please.

Hello Markus,.thanks for your good words and support! I am Peter and i play the guitar in the band and then we have Zach, the singer who also plays the hammond and Lefty on the drums.

Well we were formed on the summer of 2008.We were old friends and played in some other bands in the past. We shared the same enthusiasm for music and respect for each other as bandmates and as people generally, and that was something we couldnt find in other bands that we have been.So it was an obvious choice for us to work together and involve futhermore.

We have been writing songs since day one, released a self-financed demo CD with 11 songs in 2009 and played many gigs to support this. "2 ready 2 live'' is our debut album, our first official release.

You released your album in 2012. How do you describe your music for all the metal heads who don’t know OCEAN MIND yet?

Well the thing we had in mind was to make a straight-forward heavier rock record. You can also find different elements such as 70s classic rock , prog rock, psychedelic influences or even heavier bands but i believe our whole approach is pretty straight-forward, back to basics a 3-piece band playing really loud in the studio and the capture of it on tape.
''2 ready 2 live'' is generally a ''live in the studio'' album and is all about in capturing our ''live performance'' spirit .

How did you choose the name bands name? Any deeper meaning behind the name?

The name ''OCEAN MIND'' represents our consciousness, our inner union with water as an element. We all are just drops in an ocean ,but we are all connected spiritually to it. And then someone can connect ocean with music or something as equal.

Please tell us a few words about the lyrics in ‘2 ready 2 live’, since the promo does not include any lyrics.

Basically all our lyric themes have to do with inner power of human beings, emotions such as love, hate, fear and daily matters as well as fantastic landscapes that our minds can create.

Lets talk a bit about your stile, how come the influences. For me, your album reminds me on stuff like The Doors and similar
bands. What’s your own opinion on that?

Yes, Doors are one of the bands that have influenced us especially Zach as a lyricist We have a lot of different influences:70s rock, all the greats, Sabbath, Led Zeppeling, Hendrix, Scorpions, Atomic Rooster, Uriah Heep, Ufo, Rush, 90's psychodelic, Kraut Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Blues, Prog, classical ..too many...

At the moment, there is a big wave coming of vintage sounds. Many bands find new inputs in the late ’60 or ’70. You see OCEAN MIND as a part of this Vintage Rock scene?

Well, we would like to consider ourselves as a small part of this. I guess this is something that has to do with the overall effect that this period had in the way that people make music.

In the 60s-70s you had all these great bands and there was enough space for everyone to express themselves musically. That was formidable in creating something unique and original.

There were great musicians around, very open-minded that had different influences and backgrounds: classical, blues, jazz,etc. and that was critical.

I guess that, for a musician, there is always a need to see clearly and remember what motivated you in the first place, there is a need for going back to your roots in order to develop furthermore.

How is the general feedback (worldwide) for ‘2 ready 2 live’ so far?

Its been great. There are a lot of people that seem to be very interested about us and it is always great to see that there are some other people that share something with us. This is what music is all about, i think.

The lovely vinyl is also coming back, there are plans for a vinyl-release of the album? The music of OCEAN MIND seems to be perfect for a LP-release.

Thanks, it would be great because we are huge vinyl fans anyway. You’ll never know...

Any plans for a tour or just single gigs at the moment? The sound is great, I would love to see you guys on stage.

Thanks Markus. We are looking forward to hit the stage and play wherever possible. We are working on that at the moment and we will announce some performances anytime soon. There are a lot of people that want us on stage soon. We receive a lot of e-mails and messages especially from countries like Germany, Japan and even from the States. Stay in tune!

I dont know much about the background of OCEAN MIND (I guess I’m not the only one). You guys have a normal job beside the band or maybe involved in other/different music-projects?

Some of us are into other occupations, mostly around music but OCEAN MIND is a full time job to us in terms of giving 110%of ourselves in it and doing things in a more profficient way. We are always into something: writing new songs, rehearsing, practicing etc. It never stops for us.

Let us take a look at the future. What are the upcoming plans for OCEAN MIND?

We are planning a small European tour, some live appearances in our country, and some shows in Japan. Except of this, Our debut album''2 ready 2 live'' from The Leaders Records is coming out on March 2013 and on May 22 in Japan. It is already available through digital download in all music distributors . Currently we have been rehearsing and writing some new songs. Ah, and lets not forget the making of ous first official video.

Every month, the market is drowning in new releases. In my review, many people were reading why they should buy your new album. Maybe you can tell us in your own words, why is it worth to buy OCEAN MIND’s ‘2 ready 2 live’ album.

Hmmm. lets see. Its actually simple. You have a 3 piece band, a power-trio some may say, that steps out from the usual ''3 piece-band approach''. We dont have a bass player, we use hammond organ in the styles of great bands like Atomic Rooster and the Doors. Our lead singer also plays the organ and piano, we have the interplay between guitar and keyboards, we use vintage amplifiers and equipment and above all we have recorded''2 ready 2 live'' album performing LIVE in the studio. You can only hear a 20% percentage of vocal and solo guitar overdubs but that is all. So it is very easy for us to reproduce our
studio album sound in our live performances.

We always try to combine rhythm with melody in our songs. We dont sacrifice one to other.
And finally we have a different approach in terms of lyrics because they are all about real emotions.
I am sure someone can find many bands that share some of the previous characteristics, but for all of them...its not the easiest thing to do, is it?

OK, let`s bring it to an end. The last words are yours, so if there is something important we totally forgot or you want to scream out, this is the right place to do it.

We would like to thank you for your sincere support and good words. we are very happy to see others sharing our vision. We promise some honest and good rocking music in the future. Think positive and be creative. Cheers!

Thanks a lot to you Peter for talking time to chat a bit with Metalglory, all the best to you and the future of OCEAN MIND!

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