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Heavenblast "Of Funny Fairies And A Town Nobody Knows"
Die Besprechung von Heavenblasts Debüt-Album spricht eigentlich Bände. Also nichts wie nachgefragt, um über die Band mehr in Erfahrung zu bringen....
Weitere Infos zu Heavenblast:
Heavenblast Heavenblast
Heavenblast - Of Funny Fairies And A Town Nobody Knows

The self-titled album is Heavenblast's debut and it is quite hard to find information about the band. Could you quote a detailed history of the band?
Giving a detailed history is pretty impossible because the band has been around since '95. Marco and Alessadro are the very earliest members, I joined in '96 addressing the band to a sort of classic metal Iron Maiden-like, the Diego Chiacchierini in '97 gave us a really power and maybe a little prog sound, that's when our style actually was born, infact we recorded the first demo, "the crown of the light", one year later. Then Diego Regina, keyboardist, joined us. With this line-up we wrote most of the songs you can listen to in our CD. Another promo CD was recorded in summer 2000. Finally we recorded our first full-lenght in 2001. Then we had the new keyboardist and bassist, which you can read of in our website. (
Marco's singing is very variable and thus not foreseeable. What about his musical background?
His first and probably most important band for his singing style has always been Heavenblast! If you mean about influences, he loves Freddy Mercury, Roy Khan from Kamelot, Roberto Tiranti from Labirynth, but his favourite singers concerning power are Kai Hansen and Ralph Scheepers.

Riffs and soli sound a bit like Kai Hansen, the atmosphere reminds me of early Blind Guardian. Would you agree, that your influences are old school Speed Metal? What combination of bands describes your sound?
Absolutely I would, our roots are surely in Gamma Ray, Helloween and a bit of Blind Guardian. Also I would say that guitar riffing reminds a bit Dream Theater jobs, too. Often somebody tells us that we have something like 80's hard rock (Europe, Queen, Deep Purple, Scorpions) and that we properly join it with modern power-prog metal.
Besides the intro, you've not chosen to walk the path of classical influenced epic Metal. Any special reason why?
Not really. We just played the kind of music that we wanted too...even tough, if you ask any band's member, he will tell you that epic metal is pretty boring to be played, composed and listened! ;) It simply is no way our path.
Frankly speaking I'm normally bored by a batch of self-adulation soli and instrumental parts. Not in your case: It sounds fresh and subserves the tracks. A difficult act of balance. Are those well thought out or rather generated by feeling?
There is no self-adulation in our solos, but just the will to express with the instrument. Our band solos does not mean: "hey, look at me, how cool I am, am I?". It just means: "there's a thing i want to tell you, listen". Once more I tell you that only important ingredient in HB's sound is spontaneity. But actually I would say that most solos parts are both well though out and generated by feeling.
What can you tell us about the lyrics? Is there something like a leitmotif included, a concept behind it or just a collection of different ideas?
Yeah, collection would be an appropriate word. Every lyrics of every song will tell you about a peculiar situation: Inside the universe tells about a man who founds himself lost in his mind, Tomorrow King will tell you the feelings and thoughs of an heir to a throne, in Statues in the shade you read those of a soldier in trench warfare...and so on. I would say that each song introduces you to a different peculiar "character".

How many CDs can you do under your present contract with Underground Symphony?
2 CDs
Who are the creative forces of Heavenblast
Me and Marco are the very main composers, but everyone has its important parts in the arrangements and suggestions.
Did you already play concerts outside of Italy?
No, never. We hope it will happen soon, but who knows! :)
Ok then: A good fairy grants you a wish. You can choose a location or a festival to play...
Well, I am fond of fairies, and this fairy would probably understand or feel, could she let us play in every location and festival on earth? eheheh anyway we really enjoy playing everywhere, so no problem at all...
The fairy is in a good temper and likes your answer. Now you have the chance to choose a band to support on Tour in Germany. Which one would you chose (besides Gamma Ray - I know this would be the answer) ?
Did you see, the fairy likes me! ahahhah! Anyway...I think the answer is...Gamma Ray!! Ok, ok, I won't joke this time...we would like to support Iron Maiden ;)
Well, I even don't know the city you come from. Any remarkable bands of your local scene you would like to mention?
We are from Chieti! Almost everyone in Italy does not even know where it is, so I can imagine about foreigner! Most important bands of Italy I would mention, and that i like pretty much, are Labyrinth, Secret Sphere, Shadows of Steel and Rhapsody.
How would your describe your music to a Martian?
"Hey Marty, come here and have a taste of italy!! There's a song almost speaking about you: Inside the universe...anyway, have you got a Heaven upthere? Well, you can get this as far as you want" ahahah
What bands do you listen to and which what kinds of music do you avoid?
My passwords in music are "melody" and "expression". My favourite band is Everon, prog-rock from Germany. Lately I am listening a lot these bands: Masterplan, Shaman, DragonForce. Music I cannot stand is some kind of disco-music, rap, "new metal" (which is NOT metal!!), crossover and crap like that. I hardly stand Latin music, although I recognize it can be complex and competitive.
A few words about the following bands?
-Rhapsody from stars downstairs (I don't like last albums but just love first 2) Beholder: great performers, good musicians, groove masters, very fun people (we played together once!) and pretty nice female singer, too! ;) Thy Majestie: they simply are ok... Gamma Ray / Helloween: lords of heavy metal, maybe with not many ideas, lately Blind Guardian: totally absurd music, incredible and probably mad musicians, divine creativity and lyrics that I hardly understand! ;)
Let's have a look beyond the music. Who are the six Heavenblasters and what do they do for living?
Marco works in a chemical beware! :P I study translation and interpretation (so I hope my english is good!) Alessandro works in a drugstore. Well, with drug, I just mean sugar, pepper...that kind of stuff, you know? Just that legal kind of drug! Diego is employed in a factory. Lorenzo studies psychology, so we all hope he will soon be able to help us. ;) Francesco studies communication science, and you wouldn't ever imagine in if you listen to his voice!!
What are the long-term plans of Heavenblast?
We just want more people as possible to listen and appreciate our music, and surely every musician's dream: to be able to gain money enough to "survive" and live on only with music.
That's all. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions. I hope to see you soon on stage. The final words are your words.
We hope to play soon also so that we can see if people likes our music....keep on rocking, Heavy Metal is the law!!
geführt am 16.05.2003   von Nameless
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