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Lux Divina "Worshipping Mother Nature"
Im April veröffentlichten Lux Divina ihr Zweitwerk „Possessed By Telluric Feelings“, welches nachdenklich-naturmystische Klänge aus Spanien zu uns brachte und sich damit prompt eine sehr gute Wertung aus unserem Hause einheimste. Im Mail-Interview gab die Band nun einen tieferen Einblick in ihre zweifelsohne hochinteressante Philosophie.
Weitere Infos zu Lux Divina :
Lux Divina Possessed By Telluric Feelings
Lux Divina - Worshipping Mother Nature

Hello guys, greetings to Spain! Firstly I want to congratulate you to your new output “Possessed by telluric feelings”, a very impressive album I have to say. Telluric seems to refer to the Latin expression for “world”, am I right?

Hi there, first thanks so much for your nice words about our musical proposal, we appreciate it. About your question, the meaning of Telluric have its roots in the Latin word Tellus ("Earth") of or relating to the Earth, being or relating to the Earth currents, electric currents which moves underground or through the sea, etc... These forces are a true demonstration that the Earth is a powerful form of energy and mystery.

The concept of this album is the LVX DIVINA’s concept, not only limited to this work. Always we looked for a mystical side, oniric, melancholic, almost spiritual to translate the feelings that reside in Mother Nature, so we can concentrate on deciphering her power with our musical proposal. Anyone that dwells on this planetary confinement is influenced by the Earth energy, telluric currents, tides, seasonal changes, etc... be aware or not. The profound contact with the great mystery, with the powerful forces of Nature, makes us more human, makes us more aware and increasingly insignificant before his strength. Being possessed by telluric energies / feelings is to be connected with the universal spirit of Mother Nature, with their pros and cons. Is an intense journey into ourselves.

Your philosophy is about criticizing today’s society and stupid materialism, you require a returning to old natural laws. Could you explain this concept a bit more into detail?

We are against the hyper-civilized man. The man who buries everything archaic, ancestral, natural, and only concentrates his efforts on working in an industrialized society, double-hearted, blinded, full of emptiness and full of ego everywhere. An artificial lifestyle away from the Earth and from natural resources, causes in the mind of man a great state of confusion. Lost in an artificial world, created only for the interest of the global egocentric state, full of materialism, insanity, etc… With this lifestyle it’s easy to blow up our heads. These words are just an individualistic point of view. I'm not a new fucking messiah, you have to be able to search your own way. But for me, if you lose your profound connection with Mother Nature, you lose your primal instincts that are connected with your own reality. If you lose the ability to feel this natural connection you have a big problem.

Getting away from the forests is to step back in our inner calm. Getting away from Wilderness is to getting away from our own temple of knowledge, and for me this is the wrong way. It's walk against our own roots, thus lose a great opportunity to know ourselves best.

What can the single person do to take action against this denounced state?

This isn’t an easy question. Be able to control our own lives to be able living in harmony with our habitat. Be more aware and less selfish. Bringing realize the damage we cause to Nature with our acts. Get away from the masses, get away from the frightened sheep by religious dogma. To turn away from the crazy world that lives every day in the great cities. Give back to those who dominate the threads. Be able to find us ourselves trying not to let ourselves be swallowed up by the great spiral of destruction called civilization.

Back to Nature, in the extent possible to us. Trying to live more in line with what our inner feeling dictates and try to get a balance with Nature and the world that dwells before our eyes. Trying to decipher the mystery of life happens to be aware of who you are and what you do with your actions. Again, I'm not a messiah, I'm not orator, I'm just a kind of individual energy and in a few years I'll be dust and oblivion like my contemporaries. Be your own god is one of the fundamental principles to conquer fear. The existential fear is what has led us away from wilderness. Dealing with our own inner demons is one of the hardest trials in life, but it may be the only path to our liberation.

In Germany there exists a huge metal scene, and metal has found its way into public perception. How would you compare this to Spain? Is there a distinctive scene, and is it hard to gain a foothold in it?

Sincerely, the German Metal scene is light years away from the Spanish scene. Germany is the cradle of metal in Europe, it is impossible to compare. Germany is a country that has worked in metal for many years and have believed in their possibilities and art form.

In Spain there are very good bands and good ideas, many interesting people and media that really want to grow up, but unfortunately everything is more difficult. It is not a problem to listen a lot of quality bands. Currently there are good ideas and really great bands in almost all styles of metal. The real problem is that we have rulers who do little or nothing for the growth of almost all music styles. I think that in Spain there are many kinds of arts, but the politicians don't give enough support. Spain has a lack of infrastructure to become a country where Metal is taken seriously by society. Maybe the future will tell, maybe it's the newer generation’s job.

But all issues are secondary, for me music is not dictated by the frontiers, the true spirit resides in the underground. Music is universal and in every corner of this world the music speaks.

It seems to me that especially in the area of folk-inspired black metal there is much movement during the last months. How do you look on the development as far as your genre is concerned, do you keep an eye on it?

Honestly I do not know, I think everything is cyclical, the musical currents always have changes, it comes and goes. We keep playing this style since 15 years and we never followed fashion that reigns at the moment or another, always we follow our feelings to compose music with soul. We create music with a black metal basis and with a concept strongly rooted in the mysteries of Mother Nature and its teaching. It is nothing new, but is a music totally honestly for the listeners.

It is true, I agree with you, many bands are emerging in the last years on different countries that are working on a similar path, with nature driven inspiration, folk or similar ways, away from prevailing trends and being themselves.

I think there are many people who ask to themselves deeper questions and philosophical approach, Those people needs a more mature music, more adult. There are too many “fun”-bands, with a message essentially empty and poor. Maybe in the future we can talk about a stream of bands influenced by Nature philosophy with more weight than right now. But it will always be a minority genre.

Which bands and artists had inspired and influenced you while writing “Possessed by telluric feelings”? Do you listen to this genre of music also in your privacy, or are there completely different tastes?

We're people who listen and play many musical styles associated with Metal. We're always working on different side projects and that makes our mind full of new ideas.

The music is too great and inspiring to close any doors. But LVX DIVINA has its own pathway and its own sense of working, we take it very seriously. We have never denied our influences since we are working as a band. Over the years all these influences have penetrated in our minds and have created something else than musical tastes, of all these ideas and learning comes our music, our own creation, our own point of view. That's the freedom of artistic expression. The most influentials bands for us, always are all those who had and have a close relationship with the great mystery of Nature, life and death, this whole concept includes: Melancholy, anger, pain, sorrow, beauty, hope, tradition and a little yearning for the past.

For us, the father of everything was Quorthon and his great music and concept exposed in Bathory, especially in the second era/ viking era or whatever you want to call it. But our influences can be found in the pioneering bands of musical emotions are like the norwegians In The Woods, Ved Buens Ende, Enslaved, Ulver's early work and Borknagar, The Third and the Mortal, etc ... these bands are a clear example of the Norwegian occult music art and with a strong core of freedom of the mid 90's . Currently also we felt very in line with the work of bands like Primordial, Agalloch, Wolves in the Throne Room, Woods of Desolation, just to name a few.

What are your plans in the near future? Are there maybe any concerts outside of Spain?

Now we have started working on what will be the continuation of “Possessed By Telluric Feelings”. We want the next work see the light in less time than the last, so we have already started the process of creation, step by step. Apart from the concerts we have planned at the national level, we also have in mind some concerts in Germany, France and UK and looking to the next year trying to make a mini tour in some cities of Europe working together with our record label Einheit Produktionen, but it is still too early to talk about it, time will tell what will happen.

At the end I want to give you the possibility for a message to all of our readers, something you wish to give to them for their ways through the world.

To be themselves without following passing trends, without kneel ahead from the idiots who claim to be demigods of the established, those who try to control our lives in pursuit of their own profits. Being ourselves, we can release ourselves from all inner unfounded fear that reside inside us. The release of fear will make us wise and free. We'll be our own gods and we have our own principles away from the dogmas of religion. Look back from time to time, we will understand where we came from. Establish a closer connection with Nature and teaching will make us more ourselves.


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