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Dekadent "Something´s Going On At The Base Of The Slovenian Alps..."
Since the release of their last album it has been a bit quiet around the extraordinary avantgarde-blackmetal-band Dekadent. As i hope that this is only the quiet before the next storm, i simply had to ask, what is going on there. Mastermind, singer and guitarrist Artur Felicijan and bassist Drouth were so kind to tell IlonA a lot of things per e-mail – but read for yourself! Here we go:
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Hello from Germany! It´s been over 2 years since your great last album Venera:Trial and Tribulation came out, and since then it didn´t leave my personal playlist. And I’m sure, your fans here are quite curious about what´s going on with DEKADENT right now?
Artur: That is great to hear. "Venera…" was really a diverse album, one you can listen to multiple times and still find hidden elements within the songs. It was also our heaviest album so far and it included some new technical sections that will see more glory on our next effort. We have already some great new songs, which are quite challenging, but then again include a lot of traditional Dekadent-sound.

Are you working on a new album actually?
Artur: Indeed. Just now we are in studio recording bass lines for our new album. Once again we joined forces with our previous drummer Garghuf to ensure a relentless performance and live atmosphere. So far, everything is going really well. The songs are intense, melodies a bit more menacing, and I can say with quite certainty this will be our greatest album to date. Drouth: Recording with Garghuf in the most inspiring part of Slovenia at the base of the Slovenian Alps, was a great experience. We've had a great time and everything went smoothly. The vibe was there and we've finished recording the drums in no time, the bass lines are next to be recorded and later the vocals.

The Video Motion Picture to your second Album The Deliverance of the Fall has been a unique piece of Dark Metal-Art. Do you think of another project like this for the future?
Artur:We are preparing something really special for our new album video-wise. All we can say for now is that it will be completely new for us as well as for the rest of the metal genre. We are working really hard on this addition to the album, but I am not yet allowed to reveal any details on that. It is however going to be something very gratifying for fans of Dekadent and fans of independent film. Ok, that was enough.

There has been a line-up change between your last two albums. How did you find these musicians, and will the line-up from „Venera:..“ be constant now?
Drouth: I actually joined the band about six months after the release of „Venera:...“ as a live member for a couple of shows. The Slovenian metal scene is very coherent, everyone pretty much knows which bands exist and who the members are and through that, I have been contacted by Artur to help play some shows that they've had planned. One of the shows was also in Berlin and the others were pretty local, but I soon became a full member, since we've realised we've got similar visions for the band and like the same ideas for it. I believe we have established some sound foundations for Dekadent to build upon as far as band members go and will keep the line-up constant in the future.

You´ve had a label-change too, from Pentacle Music to G-records. Will you stay there now or are you maybe looking for a new label?
Artur: G-Records was really a bad experience for Dekadent as it nearly killed the band. The problem with labels these days is that they don't support the artist, because they simply can't. Most of the labels run on an old business module, which worked decades ago, but not today. Labels need to work more creatively, offering something different or at least using different methods to sell the albums and promote their bands. G-Records turned out to be just another commercial wannabe label draining its artists for their own pay checks. We recently signed a new partnership with Blood Music from Finland, which is a really cool underground label, willing to help its bands and devote their time to the fans and music lovers.

Did you have any gigs or tour activities in the last time? What about tour plans for the future, maybe in Germany, too?
Drouth: In the past year, after the live promotions for Venera were done, we've mostly been focused on the production process of the new album and the collaboration with our new record company, so we haven't performed live much, sadly. But with the new album come new live dates, new tours are being drafted and we're definitely putting Germany on the list, cause it was a great experience the last time we've played there.

What about the Metal Scene in Slovenia, are there some acts actually to which the metalworld should pay more attention in your opinion?
Drouth: There are a lot of metal bands here in Slovenia and the scene is strong, but I guess Slovenia is still a small country and major labels don't pay much attention to it, yet. There are bands with great potential and with a solid fanbase here in Slovenia. Mephistophelian and Penitenziagite are two of my personal favourites in the death metal genre, for the last couple of years The Canyon Observer is carving a massive foothold in the post/sludge genre. I can think of Eruption and Negligence as far as thrash goes... and of course many more that are just balancing on the edge of being recognized internationally, but just aren't there yet.

Thank you very much for the interview! Hope to see you soon live on stage?
Artur: Thanks to Metalglory and all our fans in Germany. We will definitely see you sometime in the next year, when we will present our new material live on-stage.

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