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Death Destruction "Neuer Sänger = Neu Start?!"
DEATH DESTRUCTION - ursprünglich von Fredrik Larsson und Henrik Danhage gegründet als harter Gegenpol zu Everygrey, können mit ihrem aktuellem Album 'II' mehr als überzeugen. Und obwohl man meinen möchte Fredrik ist mit Hammerfall mehr als beschäftigt, so blieb dennoch genug Zeit für ein neues Album von DEATH DESTRUCTION. Es hat sich einiges getan und es betrifft nicht nur den Sängerposten, der neu besetzt wurde, aber lest einfach selbst. Fredrik selbst hat Zeit gefunden für Metalglory Frage und Antwort zu stehen. Here we go:
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Death Destruction Ii
Death Destruction - Neuer Sänger = Neu Start?!

Hi Guys! At first, to start with – congratulations to the mind blowing new
album, simply called ‘II’. How are the feedback so far of press and fans?

- It's been great so far! Not a single bad review yet and it seems like the
fans really like it too and that's the most important thing. Without them we
are nothing. It feels like we have a really good and solid album here.

I guess not much metalheads came in contact with DEATH DESTRUCTION so far.
So, please let us take a quick view back und tell us a bit about the history
so far.

- Well, we started of like a side project and Jonas and Henrik we're fooling
around in the studio during spare time while recording an Evergrey album. I
joined soon after that and then Jimmie came along as well and we all
realized that we had something good going on. Too good just to throw away so
we started to work more active on getting a record deal and it ended up with
our debut album on Sony that was released in 2011. It was followed with some
tours, we opened up for HammerFall for 30 shows all over Europe and then for
In Flames in Scandinavia for 15 shows. We had our share of bad luck and we
parted ways with our management and our singer but it was all for the good
anyway. We got Tony Jelencovich and then it was back in the studio to record
"II". This was in late 2012 and was supposed to be released early 2013 but
we split up with Sony as well and now, finally, it's out on Gain records!

DEATH DESTRUCTION was pretty new to me too. I have read it was started by
Henrik Danhage & Jonas Ekdahl back in 2004. Both were playing in Evergrey at
this time. Is it true – and if yes – how it comes to create a groove monster like this.
Because D.D. is much harder then Evergrey.

- I've been playing with Henrik since -96 and even though we played in
different bands and with different styles we knew that some day we would
hook up and do something together and this is how we sound when we team up.
And with a groovy drummer like Jonas we just hit it off. I don't think we
ever spoke about how we should sound or anything, it just came naturally.

What is the actual status of DEATH DESTRUCTION now – something like a
project or a real band? Where comes the input for the whole album,
democratic or someone who is ‘the leader’?

- We are a real band for sure! Everybody brings whatever they got and then
we make something out of it. We all contribute one way or another but we all
have different roles in the band. But very democratic.

Since the most musicians have more then one playground – how is the
situation in DEATH DESTRUCTION? Any members involved to other bands (with
different styles?) too or is D.D. the only baby for all?

- I play bass in HammerFall and Tony sings with Transport League but we work
it out. As for now we don't have a lot of shows planned but we will and with
some good planning I think it will work out.

The internet is full of infos but not everything is I
noticed that the first – self titled - album had a different vocalist. How
comes to the replacement/change?

- Jimmie was in another band at the time and in the end we couldn't solve
the situation and we had to split.

With Jimmie on the mic, your music was a bit more ‘metalcore’ focused, could
that be?

- As I said before, we never talked about how we should sound, so that was
the way we sounded with Jimmie. I never really listened to metalcore so I
have no idea.

Tony have a different style to sing and perform, which allow’s you to
implement more groove and to vary more feeling and speed between the songs.
What you think? Or is it just my subjective feeling?

- I think you're right. We all felt that we could do stuff that wasn't
possible before. Jimmie was all in or nothing but now we have a singer that
could add some emotions and depth. We can really step outside the box if we
want to and I think that is what I like most with this album, that it's a
lot of different songs. Lots of diversity and different moods.

There is already a new video on YouTube for ‘Money, blood, crucifixus’. Is
it more a teaser for the new album to promote or you are planning to release
a single (Vinyl/CD) too?

- It's apparently how things are done these days. I wouldn't mind a physical
single but unfortunately it's just digital. We also have a single called
"Set the Sail" out with a lyrical video and we just released a new one,
"Dead Pilot".

Since we have a Vinyl/LP-Boom for around 2 years now, there are any plans to
release the new album (and maybe the old stuff too) also Vinyl? Or any other
special-editions which should coming up? The metal-fans are still more
interested into something you can hold in your hands while listen instead of
buying ‘just’ a download.

- I agree, totally! It might be possible to get a hold on our old stuff on
vinyl, both our debut "F**k Yeah (Live) - EP and "Death Destruction" we're
available and some stores might have a copy left. I really hope and think we
will release "II" on vinyl as well, at least in limited edition.

The room we can see in the video is your real rehearsal room or something
you have rent for the video-clip? The people around you there are all
friends or some tech-guys of the video-crew..haha?..Or simply both?

- I don't know which video you refer too (I was still talking about the ‘Money-blood-crucifixus’-video. Red.) but if it's the video to "Fuck
Yeah" it's a lot of celebrities from the Gothenburg metal scene. Friends and
people from In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, HammerFall, Hardcore Superstar,
Evergrey, Dead by April and Lillasyster. Hope I haven't forgot someone. It
was shot in IF Studios and were recorded live! It was the second take but
the video is a mix of a couple of shots.

What are the next intended steps? Any tour-plans maybe? The festival-summer
is also knocking on our door.

- Unfortunately we are a bit late for the summer festivals but if something
shows up we will definitely take it. We are eager to come out and play. We
are a live act and we belong on the stage. Can't wait to show that!

Ok, lets bring it to an end. Thx very much for your time spend to make this
interview! If there is anything should be said and i forgot to ask, here is the right
place for it!

- Thank you vey much! Even though nothing is booked I hope to see you all
pretty soon. Keep your eyes open 'cause Death Destruction is coming for you!

(Das Interview wurde in englisch geführt und nicht übersetzt um einfach den original Wortlaut zu erhalten! - meaningless)
geführt am 07.05.2014   von Meaningless
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