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Amaranthe "Louder, Heavyer And Massive Addictive"
Gotheburg based Melodic Death Metal Band AMARANTHE is about to release their new album called „Massive Addictive“. Once again the band has been working hard to create a modern and technical metal style. Let`s see, what the guys tell us about their hard work on the songs and their plans in future.
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Amaranthe Amaranthe
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Amaranthe Massive Addictive
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Amaranthe - Louder, Heavyer And Massive Addictive

Hey Guys! Congratulations to you for the new album! It took you only one year and a half to create „Massive Addictive“. Very hard work in a short time isn`t it?

Thanks man! yeah it has been a pretty intense year, lots of touring and songwriting at the same time. But it worked out pretty well! Actually the whole process has been quite relaxed and very natural. Especially in the studio. Several songs still needed to be either finished or even completely written in the studio, but we didnt´stress about it. Quite the opposite, it made us all much more creative in the moment, which i feel is noticable on the album, in the best possible way.

The new material still sounds very melodic but also a little heavyer than on „TheNexus“. What was your intention to the new songs?

Yes i agree! its more massive ;-) i guess we wanted to have more space for everything to be heard on this album. The other two albums were quite fast forward and pretty hectic at times, which was also how we wanted to sound back then. But some changes are needed now and then. And we all felt we wanted it more heavy and consistent while maintaining our sound. I think each song stands out a little more on massive addictive.

The Line-Up has changed during the last year. Please tell us something about the new vocalist Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson.

Henrik helped us out several times when andy coulnd't make it, and he did a phenomenal job night after night, so when andy decided to leave, there was no question about who was gonna replace him. Also on a personal level, henrik fits right in. So Lucky for us, we didnt´have to do the whole audition thing, which could eventually delay and destroy all of our plans for touring and recording.

Please explain us some of the stories that you tell us on "Massive Addictive"!

I guess you would have to talk to Jake about that! hehe but i can tell you that its not a concept album this time. Every text is by itself. The past two albums had a continuing story between the two. But this album is a whole new chapter... in many ways!

Please tell us about the developing process of your songs. Who`s got the ideas?

Its either Olof and Elise, or Olof and Jake writing the songs together. Then we do pre productions (demos) that we can listen to and see if they past the test of time before recording. Sometimes a chorus gets changed after several months, sometimes the tempo needs a change etc. But its a very effective and time saving way of writing songs as opposed to the oldschool way in the rehearsal room day after day. We all have been doing that a lot in the past, but thats not what works for Amaranthe... or maybe, who knows? Maybe sometime in the future we would change the process...also a lot of creativety comes into the picture when we are in the studio. for ex. I had to record the drums for songs that didnt´even have vocals of several riffs yet. That was a fun challenge actually!

Let`s talk about the catchy melodies – Some say that Amaranthe sounds like a „Heavy Metal Reincarnation“ of ABBA. Would you agree?

Yeah! or abba on steroids!! Its not completely wrong! hahaha! I must say though that our sound has changed quite a lot on massive addictive. several of our older songs has a pretty strong abba flavour. But i dont´hear it that much on massive anymore. But we all hear different Things and put different labels on music. And thats good! there is no right and wrong way.

This year you are going to support Within Temptation on the US-Tour. What about the audience in the United States? Are they into Melodic Death Metal? Anything you can tell from your experience?

Yes! as i am writing this, we will fly to the states tomorrow! first two weeks we will be with Within Temptation, then we go to Japan and doing Loud Park, Mexico, and then we come back to the states and do a small headlining tour also. We did our very first tour ever in the states last year, which was also our own headlining tour. And it went beyond our expectations! very good crowd attendance, and everyone knew the songs, so we where quite blown away to be honest! So yeah it really seems that they are into it over there!

Let`s talk about your plans in future. New songs are great to be performed live. Any chance to welcome you in Germany?

Yes for sure! we love playing in germany! we have had some of our best experiences in germany. Like on our last European tour the audience was absolutely amazing, and also wacken of course! i can say that we will play several shows in Germany in 2015.

Please give us some short answers to these questions…

Which album was the last one you bought?
Meshuggah "koloss"

And which was the first one?
I think it was metallica "Masters Of Puppets"

To which person (or animal) would you compare yourself?
My girlfriend calls me a tuna fish... dont know why, but she must be right...yes!?

Which Headliner would you like to support?
Well i guess Metallica and Iron Maiden like everyone else. But also Rammstein would be cool! even though nobody stands a chance compared to their show!

Amaranthe in 10 years?
Hopefully it will still be as fun to play as now, so i simply just hope we continue the way we are right now. And get the possibility to reach more people of course. And that we will always make the best possible albums as we can.

Any last words to the readers of

Take a listen to our new album. I`m sure there is something for everyone, so even if you like it or not you will surely be addicted to it! And dont´miss our shows when we get back to Germany nextyear. We will have something special for you :)
Thank you very much and keep rockin`!
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