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70.000 Tons Of Metal (part 3 Of 4) in Miami, Florida (USA) am 24.-28.01.2011
Galerie 70.000 Tons of Metal (Part 3 of 4) - Impressions zum Livereview anschauen!
Galerie 70.000 Tons of Metal (Part 3 of 4) - Impressions zum Livereview anschauen!
Galerie 70.000 Tons of Metal (Part 3 of 4) - Impressions 2 zum Livereview anschauen!
Galerie 70.000 Tons of Metal (Part 3 of 4) - Bands zum Livereview anschauen!

Today we reached the island of Cozumel, our destination. Here is our report on Day 3. Enjoy....

Day 3: Wednesday, 26.01.

At 7 o’clock in the morning the "Majesty of the Seas" reached the shores of Mexico: the small island of Cozumel was the destination of our travel. There, organized excursions to Mayan ruins were offered as well as snorkeling, horse riding, and jet skiing. Alternatively, you could just have some fun on the beach. For leaving the ship, each passenger had to check out with his Sea Pass.
We were told to be back at 6:30 pm as those who were not back in time would remain on Cozumel. After a short look around we decided to rent a taxi from Avis, a car rental which is also known in Europe and seemed to be the best offer in San Miguel de Cozumel, the only city on this island.

Our guided tour started with an informative ride through San Miguel de Cozumel, before we went to the Mayan ruins of San Gervasio. An interesting place no doubt, but instead of the expected pyramids there were only ruins. “The Pyramids of Tolumn are on another island. We can't go there by Taxi”, our driver explained. Damn! But anyway, our cabbie told us a lot about the country and the citizens of Cozumel. Interesting enough,
but not exactly what we had come here for. Also, we didn't want to go straight to the beach. But the landscape surely was beautiful with the Caribbean Sea on the left and the jungle on the right. We took a few more stops, for example at a nice restaurant and a place which was announced to us by the driver as “a special landmark” - wow, cool, A rock in the sea! A wonderful place for surfer,of course, but for us it was just another rather touristy spot and not what we had intended to see... Nevertheless we were able to sip some Pina Coladas from fresh coconuts along the way and took some nice photos. Back in town after a three hour taxi ride around the island we had not seen any Mayan pyramid, only ruins. But although the ride didn't quite meet our expectations it showed us some nice places and gave us an introduction to life in Mexico. We had to learn that 100% of the citizens of Cozumel work in the tourist industry, so it did not cam as a surprise at all, that our cabbie showed us all these "special places of interest". Don't misunderstood, the trip itself was surely worth the $20, but merely and simple not exactly the expected trip to explore the Mexican history.
Ok, next topic: shopping. But that turned out to be a bitter disappointment. Typical tourist junk and other trash were offered in the shops, with silver, tequila, leather, or folk instruments being some rare exceptions.
Suddenly Mötley Crüe tunes reached our ears. After a look around the corner we saw where it came from. A bar at the pier full of metalheads! – cool!. And they changed the noise normally heard when wannabes try to entertain you to some good hard rock. In the tavern, metalheads from the Majesty of the Seas and band members of Death Angel, Exodus and other combos celebrated a big tequila party with the fans. But as it was too loud for us we decided to look for a more quiet bar...

We found the “No Name Bar”. A funny, typical Mexican pub. Some Pina Coladas later we returned to the ship, where a huge queue waited at the entrance. The baggage had to be checked, which took quite a while. But even this wait was turned into a party. It was eyed suspiciously by the participants of the other cruise that happened to be at Cozumel as well but as usual, we only had fun.

Back on board a calm atmosphere prevailed. And so it was up to EPICA and CRIPPER to reopen the venue gates and bring the party back. CRIPPER were scheduled in the Spectrum Lounge at 7pm this time. And again they played a cool and energetic show with a different set list.

It was astonishing how many people came to the gig. And they were not disappointed by the band's performance. Compared to their first show on the Pool Deck, they were even able to increase the level of intensity. Maybe this location was more suitable for CRIPPER’s music.

After this show the second appearance of GAMMA RAY was scheduled.
This time they played on the pool deck. The show was once again a perfect combination of old hits and new material. But the real highlight came at the end when GAMMA RAY started to perform old Helloween classics from the early period of the pumpkins. And it turned out that these songs had lost none of their impact and were wildly celebrated by the crowd.

After we had missed the first show of "FEAR FACTORY", this time we were at the stage on time to fully enjoy the second show. After the intro was over, FEAR FACTORY started extremely loud and powerful with ’Self Bias Resistor’. The energy level of L.A.’sindustrial thrashers was incredibly high throughout the whole show. A huge mosh pit was formed in front of the stage and showed how important FEAR FACTORY still are to the fans. Every song was greeted with wild cheers. In between, tequila was handed to Burton C. Bell & Co. They drank it without batting an eyelid, just to improve their energetic performance yet again. ’Edge Crusher’, ’Smasher Devourer’ or ’Powershifter ’ were presented during the set, but the grandiose ’Replica ’ was the show's final climax

Yesterday SAXON played the complete "Wheels of Steel" album, and tonight it was time for another classic album to be presented in its entirety. “Strong Arm of the Law” was also played in the correct order, so that they started out with a hammer blow. ‘Heavy Metal Thunder’ and ‘To Hell and Back again’ were unleashed, and the crowd was already exhausted by the time the second one ended. Like yesterday evening, Saxon presented themselves in top form and the fans paid tribute to the absolutely professional appearance with a lot of cheers and applause. After the album was completed with ’Dallas 1pm’, SAXON went straight on to the second part of the show with ‘The Eagle Has Landed’. Here, they again showed how to rock: after ninety minutes they finished with ‘Princess of the Night’, leaving only happy fans who had enjoyed a really awesome show of the English metal flagship.

Immediately afterwards ICED EARTH entered the Pool stage for their second gig. And they did it like Saxon and delivered a widely celebrated show. The focus of tonight’s set was mainly on the
"Something Wicked This Way Comes" album. In addition to hits like ‘Melancholy (Holy Martyr)’ or ‘Watching Over Me’, the complete ’Wicked ’ trilogy turned out to be the ultimate highlight of the show. “Iced Earth” chants echoed across the deck as the first riff of 'Iced Earth' was played by Jon Schaffer. ICED EARTH is definitely back in top shape!

The last band of the evening for us was MARDUK. Although only a few die hard fans were up at 2:30 am, MARDUK fully satisfied the audience by playing a full load of their tight and
crude black metal. It's really cool when you can go to bed with a catchy tune of ’Christraping Black Metal’ or ’Panzer Division Marduk’ in your ear and a Tequila Sunrise in your hand.

Good Night! -

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