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70.000 Tons Of Metal 2012 Part 4 in Miami, Florida am 23-27.01.2012
Galerie 70.000 Tons of Metal 2012; Impressions Part 1 zum Livereview anschauen!

This is the last Part of our this years 70.000 Tons of Metal experience. Enjoy...

Day 4 – on Sea
It was the last day on Board. The sea became rougher, which made the task for bands and fans even more difficult. This permanent shaking of the ship is really nothing for people with a massive hangover like us.

ATHEIST’s second show was a bit of an early bird event. Musically, they were not necessarily a highlight, but the show suited the atmosphere on board. Every Band had two chances, and this time ATHEIST did a good Job as an Opener for us at the Pool Site.
Meanwhile Germans hopefuls SAPIENCY played their second Gig at the Spectrum Lounge, which was not frequented too much by us during the last two days. And to be honest, it was a bit disappointing to see just 20 Fans in front of the Stage.
Instead of enjoying beer and sun on the upper deck, we moved to the Theater, where VIRGIN STEELE were meant to rock the stage. OK, they had a good sound and showed a good performance, but they did not rock at all! The impressive skills of the musicians and impressive vocalist David deFeis did not make up for the rather boring Set list.

But this is nothing to be worried about, because there was so much entertainment on this last day on the Cruise. One could have done Guitar Workshops wit e.g. Jeff Waters, or a Drum & Bass Clinic with Jörg Michael and Lauri Porra of Stratovarius. Or if he felt man enough, try to win the Belly Flop Contest at the Pool. Simply having some drinks at the Upper Deck was also an good alternative, because the Sun burnt down on the Fans like fire.

After a short break, watching GRAVE DIGGER for a few minutes at the Pool Stage, we decided to have a look at the Theater again, where ELUVEITIE played their second Gig. Unfortunately we missed their first

Gig, but this time we arrived just in time. It is always fun, to see a crowded stage AND a crowded Theater.

Both was the case when ELUVEITIE plugged in their instruments. And they had as much fun as the audience, which was completely exhausted by the band. The crowd cheered and celebrated a big Party, as the gig reached its climax with the Bands Top Hit “Inis Mona”

We entered the Pool Area to watch THERION’s second performance. All I have to say about that is: marvelous! Although I must admit that their epic music is even better when darkness falls on the Cruise ship, as we had seen at their first Gig. They were really in a good mood and performed with an impressive sound and an even more impressive precision. The crowd was also grateful and gave THERION the respect they deserved.

But everybody should give his respect also t another Band: RIOT. Mark Reale, the founding guitarist of the legendary metal band, was admitted to a San Antonio hospital the week before 70000 Tons of Metal in critical condition due to complications of Crohn's disease — an ailment he has battled for most of his life. He passed away on January 25th. (R.I.P Mark). But nevertheless the Band played both shows on the

Cruise, the second one to honor a great and often underrated musician and songwriter. The Band played a set which included all of the Riot Classics. “Swords & Tequila”, ”Fire Down under”, ”Road Panic”, ”Flight of the Warrior” and last but not least ”Thundersteel”. Great Show.

The next band of the evening for us was DARK FUNERAL. Although only a few diehard fans found their way to the Spectrum Lounge, Dark Funeral fully satisfied the audience by playing a full load of their tight andcrude black metal.

After we had missed the first show of AMORPHIS, this time we were at the stage on time to fully enjoy the second show. After the intro was over, the Finns started extremely powerful with ’Sky is mine”’. The energy level of the Finns was incredibly high throughout the whole show. A huge mosh pit was formed in front of the stage and showed how important AMORPHIS are to the fans. Every song was greeted with wild cheers. In between Marco Hietala from Nightwish appeared on Stage to sing duet with Tomi Joutsen. And they improved their energetic performance yet again. “Vulgar Necrolatry” “Into Hiding” or “My Kantele” were presented during the set, but the grandiose “House of Sleep” was the show's final climax.
The gig of WHIPLASH, however, was anything but cool. The Vocalist probably had to suffer not only from the swaying of the ship. It was just cruel, but maybe his voice only paid tribute to air-conditioning? But despite the thin rotten voice, the gig was OK musically and the crowd simply celebrated! - Especially “Atlanta is Burning” was a real highlight and sung by many.

While we were listening at AMORPHIS, the wind increased extremely at deck. These winds felt
one in the theater as stronger swaying. But once we arrived at deck, the wind reached frightening scales so that VENOM had to abort their second gig for safety reasons. The roof of the stage tended to become a victim of the budding storm. Therefore the stage crew decided to remove the roof at once. But the beginning of the show was absolutely promising “Don't Burn the Witch”; “In Nomine Satanas” and “Bloodlust / Black Flame / Bloodlust”.

Last Band on our long Trip was the reunited Groove Thrash formation from Belgium, CHANNEL ZERO. After their return in 2009, one of the most successful Bands from Belgium tried to prove, that they are older and better nowadays. A task, which was fulfilled completely by these guys. They still kick ass, especially vocalist Franky de Smet van Damme sounds like in the mid-1990s. He was in an extremely cool mood on this last evening and gave the crowd in the Spectrum Lounge what the deserved. The audience was also still in a party mood. So this Gig became a really cool end of a long Cruise.

After CHANNEL ZERO finished, we decided go back on deck, where a sizable crowd waited for EDGUY. The Germans were able to play their entire Set in a rough and gusty wind after the roof was removed by the very good Stage crew.
After four Days, fully loaded with cool Heavy metal, and a lot of Party, we called it a day and watched these cool German guys from the Viking Lounge, while having a Jackie Coke. From this Lounge, you have a perfect overview over the complete Upper Deck of the “Majesty of the Seas”, the Heavy Metal Love boat…

We had to disembark at nine o'clock sharp, because the Majesty of the Seas had to set out in the evening again, this time with “normal" passengers. We highly doubt that the ship and his crew will have as much fun with them as with the 2051 mostly long-haired heavy metal fans. But the organizers promised that there will be a new cruise with a new destination in 2013! We are looking forward to that as the second edition surely was an expensive journey, but first and foremost a simply indescribable experience again. And we are looking forward to the Barge of Hell, a more extreme Cruise in December 2012. .

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