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Darkthrone   (Norwegen) >>> Homepage der Band
Musikstil: Black Metal
Darkthrone Darkthrone was originally formed as a death metal band, under the name Black Death in 1986. Several demo tapes were recorded, which eventually caught the interest of the British label Peaceville, who signed them under a four-album contract. Black Death later changed their name to Darkthrone and recorded their debut album Soulside Journey in 1991. This featured the first lineup of Nocturno Culto (vocals/guitar), Zephyrous (guitar), Dag Nielsen (bass) and Fenriz (drums). Notice they used occult pseudonyms back then, barring Dag Nielsen. The album was a standard death metal album; clean production, technical riffs and drumming, growled vocals, progressive song structures and such like, inspired by the likes of early death metal bands such as Death.

However, the up and rising black metal scene in Norway made an impact on Darkthrone, who promptly switched from death metal to black metal, adopting the corpsepaint look and such like. Though due to Dag Nielsen's love for death metal, he decided to leave the band, but still played session bass on the band's next album. Darkthrone's first black metal album was released the same year as Soulside Journey, entitled A Blaze in the Northern Sky, now considered legendary as the first Darkthrone album. The band themselves however, according to interview, were very rushed with this album, and state that it wasn't as black metal as it could have been. This could be agreed with, as the production is cleaner than later releases, nevertheless dry, but substantially more clean than what they were to release in the future.

With a lot more time to write new material (roughly a year), Darkthrone began work on their next album, entitled Under a Funeral Moon. Released in 1993, UAFM is considered a landmark in black metal, probably with the longer amount of time given to write the songs and the amount of work put into the album. The production is very low-fi; very crisp but distant-sounding drums, washy but haunting guitar and beautifully rasped vocals. By this album, Dag Nielsen was no longer with Darkthrone at all, leaving the line-up as Nocturno Culto (vocals/bass), Zephyrous (guitar) and Fenriz (drums).

By 1994, Darkthrone had begun work on their last Peaceville album, their highly acclaimed Transilvanian Hunger. TH is probably Darkthrone's most well-known release, and is highly regarded as their best album, as well as typical Darkthrone. The band themselves think otherwise, as it is much faster than other work, and the riffs are far more melodic. This album marked the departing of Zephyrous from Darkthrone, leaving Nocturno Culto on vocals, guitar and bass duties and Fenriz on drums. Zephyrous' departing from the band is very much disputed, but Darkthrone insist that his last contribution was on Under a Funeral Moon.

Transilvanian Hunger marked Darkthrone's departing from Peaceville, leaving on a high if you will. For 1995's Panzerfaust album, Darkthrone switched to Moonfog Productions, owned by Satyr of Satyricon. The Panzerfaust album was Darkthrone's tribute to Celtic Frost, and is highly noticeable. However, the production of the album has recieved some criticism. It is naturally lo-fi, but the vocals are mixed so high that when they come in, the music seems to fade away. And with the vocals being deeper than other work and more guttural, it is more overwhelming.

The following release, 1996's Total Death, was an album that featured no lyrics written by Fenriz, who is normally Darkthrone's lyricist. Nocturno Culto penned 4 of 8 of the songs, the other 4 songs were written by Garm (from Ulver), Ihsahn (from Emperor), Satyr (from Satyricon) and Carl-Michael Eide (a common black metal drummer). Satyr also stepped in to do backing vocals.

1997 saw the release of Goatlord, which was in fact a rehearsal tape recorded between the release of Soulside Journey and A Blaze in the Northern Sky. At the time of the recording of Goatlord, Darkthrone were still a death metal band, and the album stylistically sounds rather jazzy and progressive, with Fenriz' discordant vocals. Being a simple rehearsal tape, the sound isn't exactly top quality, and is said to sound quite "acidic." Had it not been scrapped when the band decided to go black metal, it would have most likely been recorded professionally with a high sound quality.

The next release, 1999's Ravishing Grimness, sparked various criticism. Many "die-hard" fans claim the production is too "clean," while others (maybe the same people) criticise the lyrics, claiming them too be near to nosensical. The album takes more of a mid-paced tempo to it, as opposed to the hyper-fast earlier works. This naturally leaves more room for variation, particularly for drumming.

2001's release was Plaguewielder, which only consisted of 6 tracks. This album featured guest backing vocals from Sverre of Norwegian thrash band Audiopain, who Fenriz has wrote lyrics for in the past.

2003 saw the release of Hate Them, which could be considered the most experimental album that Darkthrone have released. It has an electronic intro and outro, made by Norwegian industrial band Red Harvest, both of which run for easily over 6 minutes. The shortest song on the album (the more well-known Fucked Up and Ready to Die) is 3:44 long; all the other songs reach over 5 minutes.

Sardonic Wrath, released in 2004, was only limited to 2000 copies. It was scheduled for release on September 6th 2004, but was released on the internet very prematurely in April of the same year. The actual release of the album in September differs considerably to the internet version from April.

Two years later in 2006, Darkthrone released the long-awaited The Cult Is Alive. The album varies greatly in style, as it incorporates a lot of evident crust punk influences, particularly on the song Graveyard Slut. The production values nevertheless remain very similar to previous work. The Cult Is Alive is also Darkthrone's first album to have a single released from it, Too Old Too Cold, which was also accompanied by the band's first ever music video. Their second single Forebyggende Krig was released on 7" vinly only.

Their latest album F.O.A.D. was released in 2007, and can be seen as an hommage to heavy metal in general. It can be described as a melange of metal, punk, and rock in general, featuring even more "clean" vocals than on the previous album.

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Fenriz 2007 Nocturno Culto 2007 Darkthrone 2006

The Underground Resistance  (2013) >>>   Peaceville
Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance - Klicke zum Vergroessern Zum vergrößern anklicken!

Spieldauer: 41:40 min.
(Genre Übergreifender Old School Metal)
Rezension: Im Vorfeld dieser Veröffentlichung wurde ja schon von Band Seite her angekündigt; das es auf "The Underground Resistance" in Richtung Selbigen gehen sollte und man ein Album aufnehmen werde das die musikalischen Wurzeln der beiden Protagonisten wiederspiegeln wird. Als ich den ersten Appetizer des A...
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01. Dead Early
02. Valkyrie
03. Lesser Men
04. The Ones You Left Behind
05. Come Warfare, The Entire Doom
06. Leave No Cross Unturned
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Circle the Wagons  (2010) >>>   Peaceville
Darkthrone - Circle the Wagons - Klicke zum Vergroessern Zum vergrößern anklicken!

Spieldauer: 40:50 min.
Black Metal
(Heavy Black Speed Punk Metal (from Hell))
Rezension: „Circle The Wagons“ ist nunmehr das vierte Album der neuen DARKTHRONE-Ära. Was mit „The Cult Is Alive“ begann und mit „F.O.A.D.“ und “Dark Thrones And Black Flags” fortgesetzt wurde, scheint mit dem neuen und 15. Album seine vollendete Form gefunden zu haben: der perfekte Mix aus NWoBHM, Punk, Speed...
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1. Those Treasures Will Never Befall You 04:21
2. Running for Borders 04:04
3. I Am the Graves of the 80s 03:07
4. Stylized Corpse 07:33
5. Circle the Wagons 02:46
6. Black Mountain Totem 05:36
7. I Am the Working Class 05:08
8. Eyes Burst At Dawn 03:49
9. Bränn Inte Slottet 04:37
Guitar, Vocals, Bass: Nocturno Culto
Drums, Vocals, Bass, Rhythm Guitar (on "Bränn Inte Slottet"): Fenriz
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Dark Thrones And Black Flags  (2008) >>>   Peaceville
Darkthrone - Dark Thrones And Black Flags - Klicke zum Vergroessern Zum vergrößern anklicken!

Spieldauer: 38:58 min.
Black Metal
(Black / Thrash / Punk Metal)
Rezension: Nachdem uns DARKTHRONE im Juni diesen Jahres mit der genialen 3-CD-Box „Frostland Tapes“ beglückten, welche alle veröffentlichten Demos der Bands enthielt und auch noch in einem verdammt schicken Digi-Book daherkam, kommt nun das nunmehr 14 Album der norwegischen Black Metal- Legende. Es hört auf de...
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1. The Winds They Called the Dungeon Shaker 03:52
2. Death of all Oaths (Oath Minus) 04:16
3. Hiking Metal Punks 03:22
4. Blacksmith of the North (Keep That Ancient Fire) 03:13
5. Norway in September 05:46
6. Grizzly Trade 04:16
7. Hanging Out in Haiger 03:22
8. Dark Thrones and Black Flags 02:24
9. Launchpad to Nothingness 04:31
10. Witch Ghetto 03:56
Vocals, Guitar: Nocturno Culto
Vocals, Drums: Fenriz
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Frostland Tapes  (2008) >>>   Peaceville
Darkthrone - Frostland Tapes - Klicke zum Vergroessern Zum vergrößern anklicken!

Spieldauer: 02:11 min.
Black Metal
(Black / Death Metal)
Rezension: Wer sich mit der Vergangenheit von DARKTHRONE schon einmal auseinandergesetzt hat, weiss das die Norweger bis zu ihrem zweiten Album (das veröffentlichte, nicht das eigentliche) mehr Death als Black Metal gespielt haben. erst mit "A Blaze From The Northern Sky" wurde DARKTHRONE zum Black Metal Urges...
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Disc 1
1. Land of Frost 04:06
2. Winds of Triton 01:57
3. Forest of Darkness 04:41
4. Odyssey of Freedom 03:32
5. Day of the Dead 05:39
6. Intro: Twilight Dimension 00:45
7. Snowfall 09:05
8. Eon 03:46
9. Thulcandra 05:47
10. Archipelago 04:53
11. Soria Moria 03:43

Disc 2
1. The Watchtower 05:12
2. Accumulation of Generalization 03:10
3. Sempiternal Past/Presence View Sepulchrality 03:21
4. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia 04:00
5. Cromlech 04:32
6. Sunrise over Locus Mortis 03:37
7. Soulside Journey 05:00
8. Accumulation of Generalization 03:27
9. Sempiternal Past/Presence View Sepulchrality 03:57
10. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia 04:29
11. Neptune Towers 03:20

Disc 3
1. Rex 04:10
2. Pure Demoniac Blessing 02:49
3. The Grimness of which Shepherds Mourn 04:40
4. Sadomasochistic Rites 04:20
5. As Desertshadows 05:03
6. In his Lovely Kingdom 03:33
7. Black Daimon 02:15
8. Towards the Thornfields 03:54
9. (Birth of Evil) Virgin Sin 03:38
10. Green Cave Float 04:08
11. A Blaze In The Northern Sky 04:56
12. Fenriz drum solo 02:35
Drums, Vocals: Fenriz
Vocals, Guitars: Nocturno Culto
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F.O.A.D.  (2007) >>>   Peaceville
Darkthrone - F.O.A.D. - Klicke zum Vergroessern Zum vergrößern anklicken!

Spieldauer: 40:09 min.
Black Metal
(Evil Rock / Black Metal)
Rezension: Anfang der 90er Jahre des letzten Jahrhunderts brachten DARKTHRONE ihr Debütalbum heraus. Es hieß „Soulside Journey“ und hatte mit den folgenden Alben wenig zu tun. In den darauf folgenden Jahre schrieb die Band schwarzmetallische Geschichte: „A Blaze In The Northern Sky“, „Under A Funeral Moon“ und...
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1. These Shores Are Damned
2. Canadian Metal
3. The Church Of Real Metal
4. The Banners Of Old
5. Fuck Off And Die
6. Splitkein Fever
7. Raised On Rock
8. Pervertor Of The 7 Gates
9. Wisdom Of The Dead
Drums, Vocal: Fenriz
Vocals, Guitars: Nocturno Culto
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Under besky telse av morket  (2006)
Darkthrone - Under besky telse av morket
Black Metal
Rezension: Wahrscheinlich haben die meisten DARKTHRONE Verehrer unter Euch schon von diesem nur in Japan erschienen und auf 666 Stück limitierten Boxset gehört (welches es auch in einer ebenfalls auf 666 Stück limitierten Vinylauflage gibt). Nun, „Under besky´telse av morket“ Steht seit wenigen Minuten im Woh...
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The Cult Is Alive  (2006) >>>   Peaceville
Darkthrone - The Cult Is Alive
Spieldauer: 38:50 min.
Black Metal
(Punkrock/Black Metal/Biermusik)
Rezension: Darkthrone holy Darkthrone! Keine Frage, der Kult, der seit den frühen Neunzigern um Darkthrone aufgebaut wurde, kennt beinahe keine Grenzen. Kultische Verehrung, ehrfürchtiges Raunen, gottgleiche Behandlung: Wenn Fenriz und Nocturno Culto gewusst hätten, was sie da lostreten würden, als sie sich vo...
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Ravishing Grimness  (1999) >>>   Moonfog
Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness
Spieldauer: 37:42 min.
Black Metal
Rezension: Die Großmeister des rauen Black Metal Darkthrone bringen mit "Ravishing Grimness“ ein weiteres Meisterwerk ihres Metiers zutage. Darkthrone gehören mit anderen Größen wie Bathory zu den Bands, die am meisten geachtet werden und den Metal der 90er Jahre sehr beeinflusst haben. Da sich die meist...
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Panzerfaust  (1995) >>>   Moonfog
Darkthrone - Panzerfaust
Spieldauer: 39:05 min.
Black Metal
Rezension: DARKTHRONE als die Urväter des Black Metal zu bezeichnen wäre nicht ganz korrekt, aber dennoch kann man ihnen attestieren daß sie eine der einflussreichsten Bands in diesem Genre sind und auch eine der Ältesten. Vom Death Metal der Anfangstage entfernte man sich nach Kennenlernen eines gewissen Euro...
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Transilvanian Hunger  (1993) >>>   Moonfog
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger
Spieldauer: 39:20 min.
Black Metal
(Black Metal)
Rezension: Und mal wieder eine ältere Rezension aus meinem Archiv, diesmal aus dem Jahre 2001: Es gibt CDs bei dessen Anhören sich die Temperatur des Raumes, in dem man sich befindet, schon bei den ersten Takten um einige Grad Celsius verringert und den Hörer unvermittelt frösteln lässt. Eine solche Sche...
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Arctic Thunder  (0) >>>   Peaceville
Darkthrone - Arctic Thunder - Klicke zum Vergroessern Zum vergrößern anklicken!

Spieldauer: 39 min.
Black Metal
Rezension: Darkthrone werden nicht müde. Und dies obwohl Fenriz neuerdings in der Gemeindepolitik gelandet sein soll. Doch möchte jemand, dass diese Band wirklich mal eine lange Pause macht? Wohl kaum jemand. Warum auch, sie schaffen es immer wieder coole und ordentliche Alben abzuliefern, allen Kritikern zum ...
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