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Demise   (Polen) >>> Homepage der Band
DEMISE was formed in early 1995, by L.Rambo (drums) and Sin (guitar). After a few months, Ozz (guitar & vocals) and Kons (bass) joined. With this line up, they started working on their music and style. In August of 96', DEMISE recorded the first demo, "Outcome of....." Professional sound, aggresive melodic songs and a lot of emotions, in black/deathmetal style. "Outcome of...", had great reviews in the underground scene, in Europe. DEMISE published this material by Immortal Records (also: Lividity, Corpse Vomit, Damnable...) at the beginning of 97'. Later, the band played several shows in Poland, from small gigs to large festivals.
Their first album-"Like a Thorn", was released in September of 97', by Metal Mind Productions (biggest Polish label), and shows DEMISE worth and talent. Many magazines called it the album of the year.
DEMISE has performed with the following bands: Vader, Dark Funeral, Gardenian, Hate, Christ Agony, Decapitated, Lux Occulta, Yattering and more.
At this time, L. Rambo, joined the band Moon, and did, "Satan's Wept" album on Pagan/Impact Records. After this time, it was a first line-up change for Demise. B-Low became the new bass player in DEMISE. In December of 99', the band recorded a second album-"God Insect" issued by Koch International/Demonic. After playing numerous shows, and doing interviews, the band started having problems with the manager and label. They were not able to do good promotion and distribution of "God Insect" . At this time L Rambo, started to play with another band, " Damnation". Thus, playing two Europeon tours with Krsiun, Hell-born and Spawn. On Sept. 11, 2001- DEMISE, recorded a two-song promo CD
and said "Good-bye" to the manager.
Now, Demise is looking for a new honest label all around the world.
In June 02', L. Rambo and Ozz came to the United States to find a "new future" for DEMISE. Before their departure they took part in a project called, "ENTER CHAOS" (With a well known Polish musician and female death metalvocalist-Martex). They did the album,"Dreamworker", on Metal Mind Productions and they played with DEMISE, at the biggest concert with Polish metal legends-"Acid Drinkers" (8000 spectators). In the United Stated, Ozz and L.Rambo met Sandi (Metal Mom) Newton.
She has been very helpful. Thanks alot !!

Torture Garden  (2008) >>>   Metal Mind Productions
Demise - Torture Garden - Klicke zum Vergroessern Zum vergrößern anklicken!

Spieldauer: 56:00 min.
Death Metal
Rezension: Metal Mind Productions machte in der letzten Zeit eher durch aufpolierte Re-Releases von Klassikern auf sich aufmerksam. Mit Demise' - "Torture Garden" veröffentlicht das polnische Label ein Deathmetal - Brett erster Güte. Allerdings hat die Scheibe schon ein paar Jahre auf dem Buckel, wurde sie doc...
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1. Torture Garden
2. Oath of Chaos
3. Revelation
4. Termination of Souls
5. Unjust
6. Ravaged
7. Evil Deeds
8. Grieve No Longer
9. Abandoned
10. Remains of Yesterday
11. Deadly Embrace
12. Ecstasy and Rapture
13. Never Ending Pain
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